Best Olympic Weight Set & Plates in 2020

There are numerous people looking to increase their fitness level at home. Muscle toning is achieved with regular exercising. Weight training is one of the best ways to achieve it. The weights used in the Olympic Games are tightly regulated as they require more expensive materials for a professional level.

Our TOP Pick

If you’re low on time or just want to skip the whole guide – USA Sports Olympic Weight Set is our top pick. You can find it on here.

The good news is that you can get most benefits of these weights in your own home with Olympic sets, which have dramatically improved in quality over the years. Your weights should now last for decades.

Best Olympic Weight System For Home Use

When looking for a good weight set, you need to assess whether the model is enough for your typical daily routine and if it’s made from decent quality materials to last for years. You can choose your best Olympic weight system for home, from the list below.

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Premium Color Bumper Plates

The Premium Color Bumper Plates come with a steel insert. They are highly durable and designed for a low bounce which makes them good for CrossFit training.

They also work for powerlifters but they will prove to be especially useful for home users due to the simplicity of the coloring system. Unfortunately, you can only choose between two colors and two weights.

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The plates come in pairs. The 15lb plates come in black, while the 35lb plates come in a blue color. There are three main reasons to choose this best value weight set:

As you won`t be buying a full set of plates, you will have the opportunity to save some money and buy just what you need.

The color system will make it easier to quickly switch between plates without having to worry too much on the type of plates you need to choose.

Since the plates are low bounce they will work for CrossFit-style training. So what does this means in real life? It means you can do overhead and drop the bar without too much bounce.

This can also be an advantage when you want to perform an extra set when your muscles get tired and you don`t have enough strength left to place the weight down steadily.

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USA Sports Olympic Weight Set – Black

USA Sports Olympic Black Weight Set Black Bar - 300 Pounds

This weight set is what a true Olympian might be after. When choosing a complete weight set, you want to have enough options on your hand.

You can load couples of plates from 2-12/lb up to 45lb. In the set, you also get a 7” Olympic bar together with two spring collars.

With a total capacity of 300lb you will be well on your way to your dream physique. In terms of looks, you get a simple approach with all black elements. The bar itself is also black.

At this price point, it comes as one of the best bars in terms of grip, which will help you especially during those heavy exercises like bench presses or bent-over-rows.

Because you get many different plates, you can use the set to perform multiple exercises. Lower weight plates are great for isolation movements like bicep curls or triceps extension. Lower weight may also work for shoulder exercises. Higher weights are great for compound movements which are known to be the best among muscle building exercises.

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The plates don`t have a rubber finishing. And they will come as old-school style metal weights. This makes them ideal for bodybuilders and powerlifters, but you should consider keeping them away from sensitive surfaces like wood.

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CAP Barbell Olympic Set

With a 300 pounds capacity, the Cap Barbell Olympic Set is a complete choice for people looking to improve fitness levels at home or in the gym.

In the pack, you get plates with variable weights starting from 2.5lb and up to 45lb. You also get an Olympic bar, which makes a great first purchase and ensures that you have all you need to start your workout.

If you load all the plates onto the bar you will have a total weight of 300lb, more than enough for most bodybuilders.

The design of the plates makes them comfortable to use as they come with rubber grip. This will prove useful for people looking to reduce the impact of the plates on the floor.

It may also work for people who like softer surfaces which don`t damage the skin on the hands in the long term. But how durable is this design?

You won`t be getting the latest design, and that’s why you need to do some light maintenance work on the bar to prolong its lifespan.

You need to tighten the bolts which keep the sleeves attached and also do some light oiling. Ideally, you would use grease on the inside of the sleeves which will keep them moving smoothly without any rust.

With the set, you get a design which is not focused on looks, so if you are the type of person looking for a good performer without any other requests, the set might be a good choice for you.

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USA Sports Olympic Weight Set – Chrome bar

One of the best ways to find your workout motivation is to mimic what professionals do and how they train.

This is also true for the equipment they prefer and the USA Sports Olympic Weight Set comes with a chrome bar, which makes it resemble professional sets.

The real question everyone is asking: how is the chrome bar set different from the black bar from the same manufacturer? The obvious difference is the chromed bar.

In real terms, the difference is purely cosmetic as simple chrome is not superior to the painted option. However, you do get an extra pair of 5lb platesIn theory, this should make the chrome set superior to the black weights. In reality, they will be very similar, the choice being down to preference.

So who is the ideal user of the set? If you struggle to find the right weight set, you might be able to reverse approach the purchase. Understanding the ideal user would be a good tactic.

Although the set might be looking professional, it is actually aimed at the beginner fitness enthusiast. You also need to take into consideration that the bar is very long, measuring 7 ft.

Besides that, it is a good Olympic weightlifting bar in the price range. This will require some space around your home but if you have a room, which can store the bar, you can have a challenging workout.

Watch this to see what you’ll get:

OTHER Best Olympic Weight System For Home Use

US Weight Duracast Barbell Weight Set

WHAT’S INCLUDED: Barbell bar, dumbbell bars, locking spring clips, weights

AVAILABLECurrent price on

OneFitWonder Barbell + Color Plates from Fringe Sports

OneFitWonder 5-10lb Technique Training Plates (Pair) / Olympic Lifting Weightlifting

WHAT’S INCLUDED: 44 pound barbell, 15-45 plates, SuperStrap collars

AVAILABLE: Current price on

Weightlifting Technique Package by OneFitWonder

WHAT’S INCLUDED: 5 pound plates, 15lb barbell, SuperStrap Barbell Collar

AVAILABLE: Current price on

Marcy Classic Eco Olympic Weight Set

WHAT’S INCLUDED: Plates, weight bar and pair of spring-clip collars

AVAILABLE: Current price on

Bravo CrossFit Package

Bravo Crossfit Package

WHAT’S INCLUDED: Plates, bar, kettlebells, collars, wood rings, medicine ball, speed rope, abmat

AVAILABLE: Current price

Warrior CrossFit Package

Warrior Crossfit Package

WHAT’S INCLUDED: Rower, plates, bar, kettlebells, collars, wood rings, parallettes, medicine ball, slam ball, climbing rope, speed rope, abmat

AVAILABLE: Current price

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