How to Eat Healthy at Covel — Total Wellness

Health should always be our number one priority. But in college, when the busyness and craziness get in the way of life, our health and eating habits can take a backseat. So, how can we continue to eat healthy, even at a stereotypically unhealthy dining hall like Covel?

Hung Up On Alcohol — Total Wellness

Are you feeling nauseated, exhausted, debilitated, and possibly irritated?
Before you have your next drink, you should know what the research says
about blaming it on the alcohol. According to the National Institute of
Health nearly 88,000 people (around 62,000 men and 26,000 women) die from

How To: Stop and Smell the Roses

At a loss for time? Try doing nothing: relaxation can go a long way for the heart, mind, and body. Busy-ness is an addiction of the modern-day century. Think that’s too grand a statement? 

In the News: Keeping Yourself Informed

Stronger social networks in the real world predict longer lives. Do stronger social networks in the online world predict the same? A study led by researchers at the University of California, San Diego suggests yes.

How Sunlight Affects Your Mood

Weeks into the shelter-in-place order, people may struggle to find the motivation to get up. Many people might be scared to leave their homes, or intimidated by new social distancing rules. The feeling of being stuck inside can worsen moods and exacerbate stress.

Holiday Beverages: Healthified (Part 3: For Chocolate Lovers)

by KRISTY LIN “Holiday Beverages: Healthified” is a three-part series of Total Wellness Magazine. “For Chocolate Lovers” is the third article of the series. READ: Holiday Beverages: Healthified (Part 1: For Classics Lovers) READ: Holiday Beverages: Healthified (Part 2: For Tea Lovers)

Healthy Showering Habits – Total Wellness

Throughout the years, showering has come to be more than just a mundane routine designed for maintaining bodily hygiene. It is often a place to mentally rejuvenate, contemplate life’s endless enigmas, or simply sing your heart out. Everyone has their own personal showering preferences, whether it be

How Music Keeps Us Connected

When you’re first getting to know someone, one question you might ask is, “what kind of music do you like?” From sharing playlists or even playing background sounds during a Zoom study session, music has a powerful ability to bring people together even during the toughest of times.

Health Coaching – Total Wellness

To get better acquainted with the rising popularity of health coaching and what it entails, Total Wellness obtained an inside look from Julie Skrupa, an American Association of Drugless Practitioners board-certified health coach…