10 minutes with fitness guru Rachael Finch

Rachael Finch is an all-around boss lady, proving you really can have your cake and eat it too (literally). From taking home the title of Miss Universe Australia to becoming a big name presenter, businesswoman and incredible mum, the beauty has also launched her B.O.D apparel range and Body by Finch program. With followers from across the globe, the inspiring fitness star has a serious wealth of knowledge up her sleeve about what it takes to reach your health and fitness goals.

From her go-to sweet treats and her day on a plate to how she maintains her motivation in cooler months while running her business and being a mum, we spoke with the entrepreneur to find out how she does it. Our tip? Grab your pens and take note!

How do you stay motivated to workout in the colder months?

I’m not going to lie, I find it challenging to get out ofbed in the colder months and train, but for me it has such great results for myenergy and my mind and working out doesn’t need to be a strict hour weightsession, just going for a light walk (with warm coffee at the end!) or a quick20-minute HIIT blaster (warm you up in no time) is enough to stay focused andon track to achieve your health goals.

I am also a huge believer in stopping and taking stock ofwhat your body wants and needs. If you feel tired, run down or sore forwhatever reason, listen to your body and take a break – be kind to yourself,your body will thank you for it.

What is your go-to workout during Winter?

I love my BodyTone workouts, all you need is a mat! It is a slower paced session and great for calming the mind first thing in the morning. This workout combines yoga and pilates and works on flexibility, balance and total body strength.

How do you avoid getting demotivated when it’s darker and colder in the mornings?

If I feel like a zombie, my kids have kept me up and I haveonly managed 2-3 hours sleep, I’ll put on a really inspiring workout track orI’ll call someone who motivates me. I remind myself how privileged I am, I havea body that works fully and I was able to get myself out of bed this morning. Idraw on the things that remind me of how grateful I am to be living. Just a30-minute HIIT session gives me enough energy for the rest of my day and I canbe fully present and there for my business and family – that’s what keeps megoing.

How do you stay motivated as a mum of two?

I want to be the best possible version of myself and act asan inspiration to my children – they are my motivation, that’s why I created B​ODY by Finch​ as it is so versatile whilst being fun, meaning I can slot aquick work out into my day and I love to get the kids involved when we’retogether at home. I also love to cook with Violet and Dom, they like to pickout the ingredients and then we go through the recipe together.

I really wanted to create something that meant mums were able to keep fit and look after their mind and body without the pressure of an expensive membership and something they could do from the comfort of their homes and on their schedules.

Where did your passion for health and fitness come from?

When I was younger I always wanted to be an athlete, I wanted to compete in the 200 metres and long jump! By the age of 16, I was working as a model but in time, I had an unhealthy way of viewing my body and what I put into it. Once I had really looked at myself and the industry, I started to educate myself on diet and fitness especially fads, when I realised how great I felt and healthy I looked when I took proper care of my body and nourished it with the correct fuel, I became the best version of myself. I knew I wanted to be a mother and I wanted my body to be strong and healthy enough to carry my children, it made me look at health and fitness in a completely different light.

What tips would you give someone who is looking to approacha more holistic lifestyle?

Listen, listen and listen to your body some more! There isno right or wrong when it comes to leading a healthy and holistic life.Meditation can work wonders for concentrating your mind and combatting anxiety,but mixing mind practices with gentler exercise such as, pilates and yoga is anideal combination for calming your presence.

Ensuring you are opting for wholesome ingredients for cooking nourishes the body from the inside out. I love my Roast Cauliflower and Carrot Salad + Snapper from my Body by Finch plan, as it’s a one tray bake situation, meaning it’s super quick to make and clean, but it is also packed full of colourful, healthy ingredients that are full of vitamins to sustain the body.

What does your typical day on a plate look like?


The ultimate Aussie, eggs and avo on toast. Top tip, I mashup my avo for a few breakfasts at the start of the week and pop it in thefridge and use it as a quick spread in the morning.


​Asparagus Ricotta Omelette.

Dinner: ​

Sweet Potato Noodle Salad with Chickpeas + Feta​ – ​thismeal is packed full of protein and energy which sets my body up for the nextday and my morning training session.

Snacks: ​

My choc peanut truffles are delicious and a great snack that’s guilt-free!

What is your go-to winter warmer recipe?

In the winter, I love a guilt-free treat, something thatlooks and sounds like it will be naughty but in actual fact, it’s great fornourishing. My go-to is my Sweet Potato Collagen Cakes, they are made withcinnamon, a powerful antioxidant ingredient and we also use a collagen powderwhich makes skin appear plumper and firmer.

What workouts can we expect to see in the upcoming 6-week challenge?

I love working on total body strength, so expect to see short, blasts of exercise that focus on the arms, legs and abs. Keep your eyes peeled!

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