10-minutes with Kirsty Godso: 'The name Made Of is a call to action'

She’s the kiwi-born, New York-based Nike trainer who boasts over 176k Instagram followers and for good reason. The Pryo Girls founder not only has earnt a name for herself by way of her ‘Hot Sauce’ burpee, having trained Victoria’s Secret models and creating a tribe you can’t help but want to be a part of but also from launching her own protein powder, Made Of.

With Stylerunner serving as the brand’s exclusive Australian stockist, we had a chat with the much-loved fitness star to chat about the protein powder brand the world can’t stop talking about.

Keep reading below for everything you need (and definitely want) to know about the product and then * add to cart *.

Tell us a little bit about your brand

Moving to the US was an interesting transition for me with food. I have always been celiac or what I like to call “highly specialized” as opposed to high maintenance with food sensitivities so I have always been really aware of what I’m putting in my body. To me, ingredients matter more than reading carbs, fats, proteins, calories, etc. You must understand what is in your food! I travel A LOT for work so have often relied on protein powder to get me through some interesting areas of the world where dodging wheat and gluten felt near impossible. However, even the protein powders I had access to in NZ at the time weren’t great. I always felt like I was compromising on an ingredient here and there. After living in the US for 6 months and being exposed to some of the harsh realities about food labelling etc, I had enough. I wanted to create a product first and foremost that I felt confident using and that I could recommend to others with zero hesitation, but also the was transparent with ingredients and was only made of what you need, and nothing you don’t. There is a big boom on Vegan Proteins right now but I’ve always been a Whey Protein Isolate user, given the exponential benefits of this as the premium source of protein when supplementing. I saw an interesting challenge in trying to instill confidence in people to use Whey Protein – which often gets a bad rap for the wrong reasons. Typically when you react to a Whey Protein it will be a concentrate or a blend, not an Isolate which is far purer and has essentially al the lactose removed in its process to becoming the final product.


The name Made Of is a call to action to understand what your food is made of. Whether or not you’re consuming our product, you are the driver of your body and need to take accountability for what you allow into your system. What we fuel ourselves with dramatically affects our energy for everything else. Made Of powers me to my best whatever time zone I am in and I love being able to share that with people around the world.

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How would you describe the brand in 3 words?

Unapologetic, confident & honest.

What do you hope people experience/ benefit from taking the product?

Whey Protein Isolate is one of the most beneficial support supplements for active individuals. Active doesn’t have to mean just fitness either – we have plenty of Mum’s and what I call All Day athletes who are people that are going after their daily endeavors with everything. This product is designed to support, fuel, and enhance your daily output and recovery whilst tasting great without unnecessary additives. Our serving instructions say it all really – consume with utmost confidence.

What’s a fun fact about the brand nobody knows?

We don’t state on the front of our packaging what we are not, we simply focus on what we are – a premium whey protein isolate void of superfluous ingredients and additives. So many products scream at you these days with bold labels of NO GLUTEN, NO SOY, etc. They focus on hammering into you what they are not, rather than what they are. As an allergy-prone person myself, I understand the importance of knowing if your products are free of certain things, however, at a higher level of conversation, I think it’s a negative trait to always first focus on speaking and reading like this. We like to educate a little differently and hope that this translates over to how you speak in real life. That’s the little piece of PYRO KG embedded into the packaging.

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Talk to us about the production of the product: Where are you based? How do you test/trial the product?

We are based in New York, where I live. This is important to me so that I can regularly check-in at our production facility. We are currently in production of our second round which uses New Zealand Grass Fed Whey Isolate which as a Kiwi, I am very excited about so there will be an extra touch of home in there. We spent 6 months working on our formula to make sure it felt great from a consistency, taste, texture and performance standpoint. We have a really high protein per scoop ratio, many proteins require you to use 2 scoops but you only need 1 scoop of Made Of so you get more out of your bag. When we were deciding on our formula we tested it on many people who are lactose intolerant to see if they could use Made Of without any irritation and to our delight our final product did just that. We have numerous loyal users who are lactose intolerant and consume Made Of daily with zero irritation and feel great using the product.

At this time we are focusing on our Whey Protein Isolate product but look forward to introducing other children to our family so keep your eyes peeled.

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