10-minutes with spirit guidance mentor Tracey Dimech

Have you ever wondered what a spirt guidance mentor experiences? Do they physically ‘see’ spirits? Do they learn things they wish they hadn’t? How did they discover their talent?

Well, same! That’ why we sat down with medium, psychic, healer and spirit alignment mentor to learn all about what is required of her from both spiritual and earthly realms.

All your burning questions, keep reading below:

Can you talk us through a typical scenario where you tune into spirits and how they become present with you and communicate with you?

Typically, the spiritual realm will understand that I am open to receiving messages by my energetic intention. Because most of my sessions are for individuals, I cast another intention to attract any spirits that are connected to my client’s energy. The first awareness I have is a knowing (Claircognizance) that a spirit is there, quickly followed by a feeling (Clairsentience) and knowing of who it is. They always appear over my right shoulder and depending on how many come through can take up most of the right side of my room and always stand just behind me.

They then use my abilities to convey their messages. Visions (Clairvoyance), Speaking/Sounds (Clairaudience), Smell (Clairolfactance), Taste (Clairgustance) as well as Clairsentience and Clairaudience help them provide me with a fairly detailed message that I can then interpret and share with my client.

Do you physically see spirits or how do you ‘see’ spirits?

I can physically see spirits however I choose not to by setting an energetic boundary. Typically, I ‘see’ spirits in my mind’s eye, similar to the way you might remember someone in your mind. I sense their presence first with an energy shift in the room and at this point if they wish to communicate, they will choose to step into my right eye peripheral vision, still in my mind’s eye. From there I can see their identifying features and I can zoom in or magnify certain features for more clarity.

Do you ever withhold negative news you may see from clients?

I don’t withhold anything from my clients, however, I have a boundary when receiving information that says I can only receive things that are curable, preventable or manageable because I truly believe that whatever messages come through need to be shared with the client and it is not up to me to determine what I think is for their highest good. Delivery plays a huge part in what I do though, so the way a client hears information can make a world of difference.

Can you tune in whenever you want to or howdo you zone in?

My abilities are and have always been present, so I am always tuned in. It’s more a matter of turning them off! I invoke energetic boundaries around certain spaces and times that allow me to live a relatively ordinary life (albeit extraordinarily intuitive). When I am working, I intentionally open up those boundaries and expand my energy to receive it again. To do that I simply set the intention and acknowledge my spiritual guides.

How did you learn you had this talent and what was your first experience?

There is not a time I don’t remember being able to do what I do. In my mid-to-late teens, I started to delve more into understanding what was going on but didn’t really grasp that I was that different. It wasn’t until I was carrying my first child that it truly hit me, because my abilities seemed to disappear, and it was very quiet! Since then I did more to understand and develop them which allowed them to get stronger.

My first memory of seeing a spirit was when I was about 6 on the day of my great grandfather’s funeral. He came to say goodbye to the children who had stayed home. I remember his smile and wink and when I think back, he didn’t speak yet I knew he was saying goodbye. I wasn’t scared at all as it felt normal.

Have you ever learnt anything about yourown life or a loved one that has impacted you?

My personal beliefs and choices around using my abilities for myself and my loved ones are sacred. I choose not to receive for us as through experience and Spirit I believe we must all have the opportunity to be human and at best live intuitively in alignment, rather than prophetically.

I didn’t always have this belief though and yes, around 7 years ago now I was shown something from Spirit that impacted me to the core! I was blessed with a vision of my entire life up to that day and Spirit gracefully brought awareness to happenings and truths which led to my personal healing journey and ultimately serving the masses the way I do now.

What is your most rewarding experience to date?

Unfortunately, I don’t remember most of what happens when I am working, but out of the now thousands of people I have connected with, a few made impressions on me that I don’t think I will ever forget. One, in particular, was the connection from the afterlife of a daughter to her mother my client. I had met the mother by chance while out and a strong message came through which I couldn’t ignore that prompted me to ask if her daughter was ok. She went on to tell me that she and her daughter were estranged due to the daughter’s husband being emotionally abusive and that her beloved daughter was also dying of brain cancer.

Spirit asked me to strongly encourage the mother to make one last attempt to visit her dying daughter as death was imminent. A few months later the mother made an appointment to see me and sadly her daughter had died a week after we met, and she hadn’t been able to speak with her although she did see her from afar.

During our session, her daughter came through and was able to give very specific messages of validation and confirmation so the mother could have some much-needed closure. It was such an honour to be able to do that for both of them and their loved ones.

This article was written by spirit guidance mentor Tracey Dimech

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