21 Days Quarantine – Is India doing enough to tackle Coronavirus ?

Schools, colleges and industries closed, offices giving paid leave, the Government advising all the people to stay at home, Netflix and chill all 21 days- what people thought would be a dream break from their normal routine is not quite turning out to what they expected earlier. Now, it’s 21 days quarantine: is India doing enough to tackle coronavirus?

When the government took these drastic measures encouraging social distancing to prevent the spread of coronavirus in India, we all thought that this would pass on as another dengue season while we enjoy our much-needed time-off at home, but this was when India had only a handful of COVID-19 patients. The situation changed drastically over the past few days as more and more people were affected by coronavirus despite strict lockdowns and severe precautionary measures (Not to forget that the panic packed WhatsApp forwards and the sudden love for hand-sanitizers). And this is when the government and the people of India realized the gravity of the situation they are in now.

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Let us see what the government of India is doing to tackle the coronavirus.

  • The whole nation under complete lockdown for 21 days in an effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus.
  • No one except doctors and medical workers (And a few law enforcers and govt servants) are allowed outside.
  • All International passenger flights, domestic passenger flights, and passenger trains canceled across the country.
  • Closely monitoring the foreign-return Indians, foreigners in India and the people who have contacted them as coronavirus in India is due to the people coming from abroad spreading the diseases.
  • Dedicated medical centers for treating coronavirus affected patients set up in all the states.

“Exceptionally important that countries like India lead the way in showing the world what can be done to save lives”- This is a statement by Michael Ryan, the executive director of the World Health Organization (WHO). There is no doubt in the efficiency of the Indian government and the efforts put by the government to tackle coronavirus, but we cannot deny the fact that this reaction from the government must have come sooner and medical equipment like ventilators, masks and coronavirus testkits are not in enough quantity to handle the current situation.

So, is India doing enough to tackle coronavirus? It is a Yes and a No- Yes for the government’s efforts and a No for the people who haven’t yet taken the coronavirus situation in India seriously. To give you a small idea of the current situation we are in, consider this, Italy has a population of 60 million and we all know the devastating situation Italy is in right now. Now imagine the same for a country with 1.3 billion, yes, that’s the current Indian population. Would not turn out to be a happy ending story, right? So, if you’re asking is India doing enough to tackle coronavirus? Remember that in times of crisis like this, you are a part of India and 21 days quarantine can save India

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