5 Best Fitness Apps For Android In 2020 | Fitness

Smartphones have a reputation of degrading our physical fitness and causing us to become anxious, depressed, antisocial beings while we scroll through posts on our social media all day. But it completely depends on how we use them. In fact, there is a whole category of health and fitness apps on the Play store that is committed to making you fit and healthy. We have put together a list of 5 best fitness apps for android in 2020 to help you achieve your 2020 fitness goals!

1. Strava GPS: Running, Cycling and Activity Tracker (Free, No Ads)

Strava GPS is one of the best fitness apps for android in 2020. You can track your run, map a new cycling route and analyze your workout with this app. It has GPS distant tracker and mile counter and a leader board where you can challenge other app users.

2. Calorie counter: MyFitnessPal (Free)

Calorie counter is an excellent app if you want to lose weight. You can simply add the food you eat, into the app either manually or by using the barcode scanner. It not only helps you keep track of what you eat all day, but it also counts your calorie intake and gives food insights.

3. Home Workout-No Equipment (Free)

Want to build muscles and stay fit at home without going to the gym? Home Workout app for android contains detailed videos and animated guides for workouts you can do easily with home. It also has features for customizable workout reminders and progress reports which makes it one of the best fitness apps for android in 2020.

4. Aaptiv (Paid)

Aaptiv is an audio-only workout app that lets you pick up on-demand workouts including stretching, yoga, boxing, and weightlifting. You can pick the workout you want, the music you like and your time constraint and Aaptiv will cover the rest of your workout.

5. Sleep Cycle (Free)

Sleep is an important part of your fitness training as it helps you recover from your workout gains. Sleep cycle is the best app for monitoring your quality of sleep. It tracks your sleep patterns by monitoring your movements in sleep and wakes you up during light sleep.

We know that there are so many fitness apps out there, that is why we have gathered these 5 best fitness apps for android in 2020. Find the one that works for you and Never give up on your workouts!