5 best fitness gadgets in 2020-shocking no fitbits or smartwatch

When it comes to finding the best fitness gadgets in 2020, Smartwatches and Fitbits get the most attention. As it turns out, these are not the only fitness gadgets available in the market, in fact, our list of the 5 best fitness gadgets in 2020 doesn’t even feature a fitness tracker! Check out our picks for the 5 best fitness gadgets in 2020 that will blow your mind!

5. Ozmo Active Smart Bottle

Ozmo active smart bottle

Summer is just around the corner and hydrating your body will be the biggest concern in the coming months. Kick the dehydration this summer with Ozmo Active Smart bottle! This BPA-free, 16-ounce bottle comes with a built-in rechargeable battery and Bluetooth connectivity to track your hydration habits. It even vibrates and alerts you to drink water at regular intervals.

Qalfit Innovation rating: 3/5
Check full features:https://www.ozmo.io/shop/

4. Tangran Smartrope

Tangran Smartrope

Tired of losing track of your jump streak? With Tangran Smartrope you get a rope, two handles and endless hours of fun while tracking your jump streak. This Smart rope has a rechargeable battery and adjustable rope with LED lights that sync the data to a smartphone for easy fitness tracking. Track your fitness mid-air!

Qalfit Innovation rating: 3.5/5
Check full features:https://store.tangramfactory.com/

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3. Compression T-Shirt by Myzone

Compression T-Shirt by Myzone

Fancy an accurate heart rate monitor without the old-fashioned belt around your chest? MyZone’s Compression T-shirt has heart electrodes embedded into the fabric that monitors your heart rate and displays it in your smartphone using Bluetooth. The clothing is made from quick-drying and sweat-proof fabric designed to improve circulation around your heart.

Qalfit Innovation rating: 4/5
Check full features:https://buy.myzone.org/product/?code=COMP-SHIRT\

2. Everysight Smartglass by Raptor

Everysight Smartglass by Raptor

Eversight Smartglass by Raptor is a VR enabled Smartglass specifically designed for commuters. This fully integrated heads-up display has a touchpad, built-in audio, front camera, memory and storage with a controller. It is also dust and water-resistant. And the best part? Access Google maps right in-front your eyes- Iron man style!

Qalfit Innovation rating: 5/5
Check full features:https://everysight.com/product/raptor/

1. Theragun G3 Pro

Theragun G3 Pro

Behold! The No.1 position in our list of best fitness gadgets in 2020 goes to the Theragun G3 Pro. And yes, it is shaped like a gun which you can aim at sore muscle or joint and it’ll zap it with a deep muscle treatment. It works like a professional therapeutic masseuse to provide full-body rejuvenation. It’s lightweight and ergonomic design makes it the best companion for gym freaks and athletes.

Qalfit Innovation rating: 5/5
Check full features:https://www.theragun.com/us/en-us/g3pro-us.html

This is our list of the 5 best fitness gadgets in 2020 designed to help you lead a healthier life, recover from an intense workout properly, and stay injury-free as well. Track your fitness and reach your goals with these best fitness gadgets in 2020!

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