5 Best Workout Music Apps 2020 | Technology

Music is a proven motivation factor for any workout. Listening to music while working out can improve the standard of your workout and puts you in a better mood. Even an ordinary and boring workout session can be made more intense and fun with music. While there are plenty of music apps available to fuel your workout sessions, we present you with these 5 best workout music apps.

1. RockMyRun (Android, IOS)

How many times have you been hit by out-of-place songs while working out? This totally disrupts your tempo and intensity, right? RockMyRun is one of the best workout music apps with special playlists that matches your tempo to the song tempo. The RockMyRun DJs make exercise mixes with steady tempos to match your endurance for a wide range of activities and genres.

2. GYM radio (Android, IOS)

GYM radio is one of the best workout music apps. It has three modes for you- Cardio, Gym and hardcore. Cardio is for your cadence; Gym is for your focus and hardcore is for a heavy workout. Each of these modes has several radio channels with specific workout themes to suit your workout.

3. PaceDJ (IOS)

PaceDJ is a music organizer app for those who already have all the songs for the workout. PaceDJ organizes these songs for your workouts. This app works by finding the songs on your phone and guiding you to create a playlist for your workout with the BPM setting of your choice. And the best thing about this app is that it’s totally free for both android and IOS users!

4. Spring (IOS)

Spring is one of the best music apps for workout that tracks your walks, runs, rides and other workout activities through GPS while streaming the songs designed to your interval training. This app picks the songs with the right beats matching your speed to ensure that your workout is pumped up!

5. Adidas Runtastic (Android, IOS)

Adidas runtastic is a unique music app for workout that presents you with a mix of audiobooks and music as a running story for workout. This storybook is created and updated regularly by an international team of storytellers and musicians across different genres. On top of this, this app has many features and can serve as your fitness tracker.

If you’re the type of person who likes to listen to music while you run or work out, try out these workout music apps and make your workout sessions worth every second!