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Finding a shoe that fits you perfectly while running but also not wanting to spend a lot is a common dissonance we all face. However, here is a list of shoes that fit your feet and pockets perfectly.

  1. Puma Atom Fashion III DP:

Puma is one of the best brands that exists when it comes to running and everything fitness. Priced at Rs 1200- 1999 (depending on your size), this shoe promises you the comfort you would expect while running and the reliability of a huge brand like Puma. These shoes are lightweight and comfortable. There is a layer of cushioning on the inside which provides an extra level of comfort. The sole of this shoe is rubber in material which makes it ideal for running on wet surfaces. The material is of the shoe is Synthetic. It is available in stylish colour combinations like black and blue, black and fluorescent green and black and fluorescent orange.

  1. Lotto’s Vertigo:
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Lotto is a brand that always meets budgeted fitness plans. Vertigo, a shoe from Lotto holds the essence of the brand. Available for Rs 899, this shoe is sure to impress every runner. The material of this shoe is that of Mesh which makes the shoe extremely light on your feet which makes running easy. Other than the purposes of comfort, Vertigo is also a visual treat owing to its stylish black colour. The evidence to the popularity of this shoe can be seen in how it is placed at number 3rd in Amazon’s latest list of bestsellers.

  1. Fila Wayne Running Shoe:
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Priced at Rs 1199, Fila Wayne is a light weight Mesh and rubber shoe. It has a very comforting layer of cushioning on the inside which gives a comfort fit. The sole of the shoes is made of EVA which make it extremely strong and also durable. The front side of the shoe is specially designed to suit runners with a wide toe. Fila Wayne is available in smoke grey and yellow colour combination.

  1. Sparx Running Shoes:

Coming from one of the oldest and reliable Indian footwear brands, Sparx, is the Running shoes. Priced at Rs 1019, this pair of shoe promises comfort and durability to runners. Owing to its flexibility, the shoe is best suggested for everyday running. However, it is suggested that one goes for a larger size since the front side of the shoe is reported to a little narrow. The shoe comes in a stylish blue and white combination.

  1. Puma Unisex’s Stocker IDP:

Priced at Rs 1574, Puma Unisex’s Stocker IDP comes in Mesh which feels very light on your feet. The shape and design of the shoe is meant to provide comfort while running. Puma is known for quality and this shoe exemplifies it. The shoe is available in Black and green colours.



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