5 easy ways to apply self-care & wellness in your life

The idea of self-care is linked with wellness and the importance of looking after one’s self. Commitments to our wellbeing are said to increase longevity, meaning we live longer. But what really is wellness and how do you apply it to live up to your healthiest potential? Founder of Corethentic and wellness & meditation coach Flic Manning shares how we can apply a bit of wellness to our everyday life.

Define what your version of wellness is

Why? So that you know what kind of life you’re actually aiming for. All your action comes directly from knowing what direction you want to go. Most people who define this are able to create healthier habits that they stick to!

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Commit to an act of self-care every day for 1-10 minutes

This is all about YOU. It can be meditating, stretching, reading a chapter of your favourite book, having a long bath – it’s something that nourishes and restores you and only you. This has a profound effect on your endocrine system (think of this as your chemical hub) and goes a long way to feeling better and getting the best from your body.

End your day with Gratitude

As you close your eyes to fall asleep, actively recount your day and find 2 things that you are genuinely grateful for. Even on the worst days there will be something to grab onto – maybe that you were able to be strong in the face of adversity, or that you had a delicious lunch that made you feel good, or someone said a nice comment to you. By bringing these to the forefront of your mind you direct your thinking, processing and brain power behind that and as your subconscious goes to work overnight, it is channelling and looking for positivity. This means your body’s resources are freed up to heal and detoxify instead of trying to manage your sympathetic nervous system responses.

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Practice mindful eating

Your palette develops by practice and exposure. Learning to eat a little cleaner is simple if you allow yourself to try new things. The body loves and thrives on variety, and the more you can shake it up the more benefit you will get from eating, and who doesn’t love food?! Your tastes buds will begin to change and crave new foods as you bring them into your life. Eating healthily is not boring or bland, in fact it often means your palette has been greatly expanded. If you can learn to try new, cleaner foods you will spark the inspiration to learn to cook that way too! Not sure what a chia seed is? Now’s the time to try it.


Think of your body as your home

After all, it’s the one piece of property you live in for your entire life. Do you walk into your apartment and start yelling negative and critical things at the curtains and the walls and the carpet? Nope. So remember that your skin and hair, and wobbly bits and cellulite and everything else is your home. Find something you like about your home every day and you will find a whole new respect for the skin you’re in.

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