5 expert tips to start your online fitness journey

With the social distancing and home quarantine in effect, the demand for online fitness classes has spiked across the globe. Gyms and fitness centres have been shut until further notice owing to the pandemic and people are starting to develop a sedentary lifestyle. However, the lockdown need not spell the end of your fitness journey. With online fitness classes and live fitness sessions booming, here are 5 expert tips to start your online fitness journey.

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1. Set up space for your workout

You need to prepare your mindset and set up the physical space needed for your workouts. Whether you’re taking up an online Zumba class or yoga or aerobic exercise session, you need to set up a dedicated space for your workouts. You don’t need a large fancy room to exercise, even the small space you get from moving your coffee table can be enough. You just need to make sure that you can stretch your body comfortably.

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2. Select the right level

While starting an online fitness class, it is important that you select your correct fitness level. Choosing the wrong level will make the workout sessions ineffective. Furthermore, choosing the wrong level increases your risk of injuries and may even discourage you from continuing your online fitness journey. So, make sure you choose the right level while starting an online fitness class.

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3. Consistency is the key

To truly reach your fitness goals, consistency is the key. Starting an online class would be all fun and exciting. But the real challenge lies in keeping the excitement lit till you reach your fitness goals. You need to be consistent to see the desired results. Starting an online class and dropping it halfway or skipping a few classes now and then will only lead to failure. So, be consistent and follow your online classes regularly.

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4. Schedule your day.

Usually online fitness classes start and end at a specific time. This is an added advantage to you as it is easy to make it a routine. With a specific time frame given, you are more likely to stick to a fitness program. Schedule your day properly to make yourself available at the time of your online fitness class. This way, you can make it a routine and follow it daily.

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5. Reward yourself

Reward and celebration are great motivators. For every achievement you complete and every fitness goal you reach, reward yourself. You are convincing yourself daily to put on the workout clothes and complete a workout session in front of a screen. This is already a huge achievement and you deserve a reward. Go ahead and watch a movie or buy new workout gear- you’ve earned it! This way you can motivate yourself to reach your fitness goals.

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If you’re feeling like you’re missing the daily dose of your workout session due to lockdown, try online fitness classes. With these 5 expert tips to start your online fitness journey, you are setting up yourself for success!

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