5 Mindful Podcasts For Yoga and Meditation

5 mindful podcasts for yoga and meditation

Drop and give me zen!

By Sukriti Wahi • 4 years ago • TECH, HEALTH & FITNESS

These days, it’s hard to get zen. Most of us are so busy just ‘doing life’ that we forget to savour the delicious moments in between all the stuff we have to do, and before we know it, we’re exhausted.

Aaaand then it’s time to do it all again! Yay.

Enter: Mindfulness, yoga and meditation. The words get thrown around a lot, but given the prevalence of stress in society, it’s not without good reason. If time isn’t on your side and you need a little help to peace out at your own pace, podcasts could be the answer! Thankfully, there are a few great podcasts designed to relax, rejuvenate and revive our tired minds by making the tools of yoga, mindfulness and meditation easy and accessible to everyone.

Need a brain break? Check out our top five podcasts to get you in your zen zone:

If you’ve been feeling stressed and need a good stretch but don’t have time to get to a yoga class, this one is for you! Yoga teacher Lara Zilibowitz’s soothing voice guides you through low-impact yoga sequences set to a mix of flowing orchestral music and soft piano sounds. With each one designed to to help you in different ways (my personal favourite is the ‘Shoulder Unlocker’), these guided meditations are sure to get you feeling rested and relaxed. The best part? Each bespoke playlist has been carefully curated to match the flow of the yoga sequence, creating a truly immersive experience.

Great for a mini retreat in the middle of the day, this podcasts features 5-10 minute guided meditations that harness mindfulness to unlock creativity, healing and body awareness. Downloadable via the Apple Podcast app, these bite-sized meditations are perfect if you’re just starting out or if you want to squeeze in a little bliss on your lunch break!

I love to use this podcast right before I sleep. These guided meditations are a little bit on the longer side, with each audio ranging from 20-30 minutes. Set to a mixture of soothing music, relaxing rainforests and calming waterfall sounds, they are great for zoning out at the end of the day. Each episode has a different focus, from ‘Creative Freedom’ to ‘Healing Trauma and Anxiety’, to help you relax and unwind.

If you’re looking to learn more about mindfulness as a concept, The Mindful Kind has got you covered. Led by Rachael Kable, a pscyhology graduate with a certificate in coaching and counselling, the podcast takes you through a range of mindfulness topics from episode to episode. ‘Fear of Success’, ‘Goal Setting and Mindfulness’ and ‘Common Mindfulness Challenges’ are just some of the topics covered in this insightful podcast.

Created by the Active Yogi, Kate Kendall, this delightful podcast combines calming yoga music with beautiful stories of mindfulness. Kendall interviews a new guest every episode, leading them through a yoga sequence while allowing us to listen to their stories on mindfulness, find inspiration and bliss out at the same time.


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