Best Power Towers with Pull-up & Dip Stations

8 Best Power Towers with Pull-up & Dip Stations in 2019

Power Towers are an awesome addition to any gym. But, I think we can agree: finding a model that is the right fit for you can be a bit challenging.

Our TOP Pick

If you’re low on time or just want to skip the whole guide – Stamina X Fortress is our top pick. You can find it on here.

Luckily, you won’t need to go searching the internet for hours to find the right model. I’ve put in the work and put together a nice list of 8 Power Towers that are high quality and have a good value for your gym.To ensure that you find the best power tower, here is the top 8 Power Towers in 2019 that features both a Pull-up and Dip Station!




Stamina | X Fortress Power Tower 250 lbs

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Body Power Multi-Functional Power Tower 300 lbs

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Weider Power Tower300 lbs

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XMark XM-4432 Power Tower350 lbs

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XMark XM-4434 Power Tower350 lbs

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Ainfox Power Tower550 lbs

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Body Vision PT600 Power Tower250 lbs

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Stamina 1690 Power Tower250 lbs

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Best Power Tower Reviews

Stamina | X Fortress Power Tower

This Power Tower is the at the high end of the market. It’s arguably the best pull-up tower simply because of the inclusion of the multiple pull-up grip positions and the Boulder Fit pull-up handles designed to improve rock climbing. They are a great training tool to really test your grip and improve your pull-ups that much more.

It also contains an Adjustable Plyometric Box, something unique to this Power Tower. This makes the Stamina | X Fortress Power Tower the best Power Tower to train your entire body, not just your upper body!

The Dip Bars are adjustable as well, making this adjustable height Power Tower a rarity.

What’s Good?

  • Well put together
  • Great versatility – features Beyond Pull-Up & Dip Bars
  • Straps for Hanging Leg Raises
  • More variety for your pull-up training
  • The Adjustable plyometric box makes leg training a possibility, which isn’t common with Power Towers

What’s Bad?

  • Much more expensive than the average Power Tower
  • For the price, you’d expect the weight limit to be a little higher, it’s only 250 lbs

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Body Power Multi-Functional Power Tower

In addition to the standard pull-up and dip station, this Power Tower features a station for Australian Pull-Ups, which is an easier version of Pull-Ups that can make training much more enjoyable for beginners and those who struggle with Pull-Ups in general. You can also perform leg exercises like Bulgarian Split Squats with a little creativity.

This unit also has a higher weight capacity than average, making it more like a commercial-grade pull-up/dip station.

What’s Good?

  • High weight capacity – 300 lbs
  • Multiple stations for more versatility – i.e it has straps for hanging leg raises
  • All stations are on one side of the tower, making it useful against a wall to save space

What’s Bad?

  • The adjustable back pad isn’t as supported as some Power Towers
  • The more expensive than average (for similar products)

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Weider Power Tower

The Weider Power Tower is more of a standard pull-up and dip station that features a station for Hanging Leg Raises and Deep Push-ups as well. The design is very similar to many Power Towers on the market and even a few on this top 8 list.

The weight capacity is high and the price is relatively low. It’s a sturdy addition to any gym. Not much else to say!

What’s Good?

  • The back support on the Hanging Leg Raise station is good
  • The price is good
  • The weight capacity is higher than on average – 300 lbs

What’s Bad?

It lacks versatility for leg training

Stations are located on both sides, so placing this along a wall may be a problem

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XMark XM-4432 Power Tower

The XMark XM-4432 is like an upgraded version of the Weider Power Tower. The design is almost the same, but the weight capacity is higher, making it the better choice for larger trainees.

It features a Hanging Leg Raise and Push-up station just like the Weider model, but it also has foot holders for Sit Ups.

What’s Good?

  • High weight capacity compared to other Power Towers – 350 lbs
  • Good back support for Hanging Leg Raises
  • Foot Holders for Sit Ups

What’s Bad?

  • A little pricier than similar products
  • Stations are on both sides, making placement against a wall inconvenient

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XMark XM-4434 Power Tower

If you like the upgraded frame from the Weider model with the XM-4432 but don’t want the higher price, the XM-4434 is probably the best choice. This model boasts the high weight capacity, which is a huge plus!

This Power Tower features most of the same things you see on the XM-4432, including the Hanging Leg Raise and Push-up stations. The only thing it is missing is the Foot Holders for Sit Ups.

What’s Good?

  • It can be less expensive than other Xmark’s Power Towers
  • Higher quality than the Weider model
  • High weight capacity – 350 lbs
  • Good back support for Hanging Leg Raises

What’s Bad?

  • Both sides have training stations, making placing this against a wall a bad choice

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Ainfox Power Tower

A low price, an adjustable height Pull-up bar, and a weight capacity of over 500 lbs? This model takes the cake in a few categories right away!

The Ainfox Power Tower is the only Power Tower in this list that sports an Adjustable Pull-up Bar. There are 4 different heights, ranging from 64 to 84 inches. This is a huge benefit that you just don’t see anywhere else on the market.

The design is small, making it great to save space. Not only does it have a smaller footprint than most Power Towers, it also has the highest weight capacity of 550 lbs!

This Power Tower looks like the most logical choice on paper for a Power Tower. It lacks a few features that others have, but it is a solid piece of equipment that will definitely get the job done and provide you with years of training!

What’s Good?

  • The small footprint makes it great for a small gym
  • Very High weight capacity – 550 lbs (!!)
  • Adjustable height Pull-up bar
  • Good padding for Hanging Leg Raises
  • Good Price

What’s Bad?

  • Lacking a variety of stations compared to other Power Towers

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Body Vision PT600 Power Tower

The PT600 is another small footprint Power Tower that has stations for the 4 staples of Power Towers: Pull-Ups, Dips, Hanging Leg Raises, and Push-ups.

The weight capacity is much lower than the Ainfox Power Tower. It also doesn’t have the Adjustable Pull-Up Bar. The only thing it has over that model is the Push-up station. It’s not a bad model overall, it’s just not up to par with the Ainfox model, which is logically compared to since it’s around the same price.

What’s Good?

  • Good price/performance
  • Small footprint, great for small gyms
  • Good pad for Hanging Leg Raises
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What’s Bad?

  • The weight capacity is lower than average – only 250 lbs

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Stamina 1690 Power Tower

You should choose this Power Tower if you’re on a strict budget. If you need a piece of equipment to be able to do Pull-Ups, Dips, Deep Push-Ups, and Sit Ups with your feet supported, this unit will have you covered.

It’s not the highest quality unit, but it’s cheaper than the rest and will still support up to 250 lbs. No frills about the Stamina 1690, it’s simple but will get the job done!

What’s Good?

  • Budget-friendly option
  • Doesn’t take a lot of space on the floor, making it good for a small gym

What’s Bad?

  • Low weight capacity – only 250 lbs
  • No Hanging Leg Raise Station, which is standard on most Power Towers

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Power Tower Buying Guide

What Are The Dimensions Of The Power Tower?

If you are tight on space, you can’t choose a Power Tower that takes up a lot of room. Instead, you should opt for one that has a small footprint and contains all the training stations on one side of the equipment so it can easily be placed against a wall. The top 10 Power Towers vary in design a lot, so finding one that fits your space shouldn’t be a problem.

The models that have stations on two sides can’t be used properly if you have any side against the wall, making them space-hogs. If you have unlimited space in your gym, that’s no big deal. Most of us don’t have the luxury of an infinite gym, however! These take up the most space, so they aren’t any option for those with small gyms.

Some models have a large footprint but contain all the training stations on one side. This can save a little space since it can be pushed up against a wall without hindering training.

The best option for those short on space it to get a Power Tower with a small footprint and all the training stations on one side to really decrease the space needed. After all, you don’t want to have to remove something from your gym just to make room for another piece of equipment! One thing you have to consider with smaller footprints: these models may not be as sturdy and are more prone to tip over if you use any kind of momentum.

What Is The Weight Limit?

This is a simple question you have to ask yourself! If you weigh more than the weight capacity, the equipment is basically useless. Also, don’t think that just because you are under the weight limit means that the capacity is good.

Most people tend to add external weight to their Pull-ups and Dips once they get strong enough. This can be with weighted vests, belts, etc. If you only weigh 20-30 lbs less than the rated maximum, you aren’t going to be able to add much to your own body weight before having to stop progress!

You might laugh and think that you’ll never be good enough at Pull-Ups and Dips to require external weight. However, if you train correctly and long enough, that is the only logical step of progression!

It can be a good choice to get a model that has a higher weight limit even if you don’t think you’ll ever approach it. It’s just a good sign that the Power Tower is sturdy and can handle a lot of abuse. You don’t want to have to replace your Power Tower once you buy one, so opting for the highest weight limit might be a good idea.

Think about it: if the weight limit is 250 and you already weight 230 lbs, how long do you think the Power Tower will last. You are already close to the weight limit and you push it close to it’s max regularly. Instead, it’d be better to go with a Power Tower that can support 300+ just to be safe.

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Are They Any Additional Features Besides A Pull-up And Dip Station?

Yes, Pull-ups and Dips are the main movements you will be performing with a Power Tower. However, the more that one piece of equipment can provide for your training, the more valuable the purchase becomes. Why would you spend the same amount of money on a Power Tower if it only has 2 stations when another model has 4-5 stations?

Look for Power Towers that offer one, or more, of the following:

  • Hanging Leg Raise Station
  • Deep Push-Up Station
  • Multiple Pull-Up Grip Variations
  • Leg Training Station
  • Sit Up Foot Holders
  • etc

Obviously, if you only want to do Pull-ups and Dips, you don’t need any of these. They are just nice additions to have since training can sometimes become boring if you are limited to the same moves over and over! The more variety you can get from one piece of equipment, the more variety you will have in your home gym. Getting a Power Tower and a couple other pieces of equipment can create a complete home gym if you shop for equipment that has multiple uses.

What Are Some Accessories That Can Improve The Training On My Power Tower?

Since the training you will do on a Power Tower is all with your own body weight, it makes sense to manipulate the resistance to adjust your training intensities.

If you want to lower the amount of resistance you use, the best thing to invest in is Resistance Bands. They can be used to assist you throughout the movements and take away some of the weight from your body with the resistance in the Bands.

The Resistance Bands can be looped around your foot to decrease the resistance during Pull-Ups. For Dips, you can bend your legs at the knee and loop the Bands around your shins to create the accommodating resistance. For Push-ups you can actually use the bands to make the Push-up harder or easier, depending on where you anchor them. If you anchor them above you and wrap them around your chest, you’ll make them easier. If you anchor them below you and wrap them around your back, you’ll make them harder.

Resistance bands can also be used for a workout themselves. Your Power Tower can act like an anchor and you can use the bands as if they were a Cable Crossover machine. A good set of bands opens on an array of upper body movements, so it will really round out your workouts well.

If you want to increase the amount of resistance you use, you’ll need to add external weight to your body. You can do this using a weight belt or weighted vest. Try to choose something adjustable, since the weight you’ll need to add will always be changing if you are training right! Most people like belts over vests, since some vests are clunky and can interfere with your full range of motion during an exercise.

Other accessories that could help include lifting gloves or lifting chalk since Pull-ups tend to be rough on your hands, especially if you are unaccustomed to doing them. Ankle weights may also be an accessory to use to enhance the difficulty of Hanging Leg Raises, just as you would do with Pull-ups and Dips.

The #1 Choice?

Stamina 1690 Power Tower Fdp - $ 4,799.00 en Mercado Libre

With the right Power Tower workout routine, any of these 8 models will get you some great results! All 8 have their pros and cons, but there are certain situations where 1 model stands out:

For those on a strict budget – Stamina 1690

For those who want the most from their equipment – Stamina | X Fortress Power Tower

For those who want the sturdiest model for years of training – Ainfox Power Tower

Choosing any of these 8 won’t be a bad choice but for those specific situations listed, there are clear winners. Each of these Power Towers would make a good addition to your home gym, so do your research and find the model right for you. No matter what, train hard and train smart. You’ll reach your results in no time!

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