10 Best Brown Rice Protein Powders In 2020

The best rice protein powder can help you achieve your daily nutrition goals. Protein is essential to many functions of the human body and it comes from various sources. Although most people still prefer protein sources which come from animals (meat, eggs, milk) there are others who prefer proteins from vegetale sources such as rice. 

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Some people also choose a vegetable source of protein due to alergies or negative reactions to certain types of proteins. Lactose intolerant people know the struggle of finding the right product which not only delivers the essentual proteins to the body but which comes in a good taste also. Here are 10 of the best rice protein powders which are a great alternative to milk or egg proteins.

The full review of these products:

NOW Sports Sprouted Brown Rice Protein Powder

NOW Sports Sprouted Brown Rice Protein Powder is a natural product which doesn`t come from any genetically-modified organisms (GMO). With rice protein source it is perfect for those trying to stay away from dairy or soy protein powders and need a natural alternative. The powder is also free from aspartame and sucralose.

Made from brown rice, the powder is pure without any other added ingredients. Mixing is easy, especially with a blender. Many users have reported mixing it with various other foods like honey for added flavoring. Proteins are broken down into BCAA which are essential to keeping or increasing muscles mass. The ratio of protein per serving is 4 grams from a 5 grams serving.

Apart from proteins, you also get iron, Vitamins A, C and calcium. Based on 2,000 calories daily nutritional intake, you will get 8% of your daily protein needs with a single serving.

A serving has only 15 calories, which is not significant, but is mainly due to the rice source especially when compared against other protein sources.

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Growing Naturals Organic Rice Protein Powder, Vanilla Blast

If you need a quality rice protein isolate, Growing Naturals Organic Rice Protein Powder might be among the few available options. The taste of some rice powders is not very appealing to many customers and this is why the manufacturer added the vanilla aroma to the protein. As a raw protein powder it is suitable for vegetarians and it also comes gluten-free.

The powder comes with the usual essential and non-essential amino acids. As a plant protein blend it can be used in various foods or on its own. If you want to get creative you can add it to your oats, mixed with some non-dairy milk. You can also blend it with fruits for extra fibers and vitamins.

A serving comes with 24 grams of protein which is completed with sodium, fibers and carbohydrates. With a serving size of just over 30 grams, the packaging comes with a total of 15 servings.

The powder is recommended for people looking specifically for a protein isolate product which can deliver complex nutrition and a good alternative to whey powders.

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Nutribiotic Rice Protein, Vanilla

Nutribiotic Rice Protein is a good alternative for people looking to stay away from unethically sourced products. The protein doesn`t contain any pesticides or herbicides which is great for long-term use. It also comes free from any genetically-modified organisms. The powder is gluten-free and will work for people with various allergies.

There are many discussions around the manufacturing process of rice and whey protein. They both seem to suffer on a large scale due to the heat which can reduce the nutritional value of the supplement. Nutribiotic uses a unique formula which separates carbohydrates from proteins. This is done with a low temperature which keeps the amino acids in the best nutritional values. This enzyme process is one of the safest manufacturing techniques which can ensure chemicals are not used or found in the final product.

With 15 grams for each serving, the product comes with 12 grams of protein. The rest of the composition is sodium and carbohydrates such as fibers. There also is a high level of iron in the supplement as in many rice protein powders.

Phosphorus is also present in the blend. The sprouted brown rice protein powder comes with a total of 90 servings, being a good option for active people.

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Raw Organic Sprouted Brown Rice Protein

Raw Organic Sprouted Brown Rice Protein is one of the more complex products on the market. It comes with a high protein concentration of 25 grams from 30 grams for each serving.

It comes with all the essential amino acids which make it a good alternative for vegans or people looking to replace whey or egg protein powders. Since rice is easier to digest than whey, the product comes with a 98% absorption rate. Muscle recovery can thus benefit the most from a high absorption rate.

The discussion around the preferred time of day to use the product can be endless. However, you can take it before, during or after a training session. You can also use the product on off days to ensure your body gets the proper nutrition to recover from demanding workouts. The protein can be mixed with water or added into smoothies for the extra taste.

The price is very affordable but you get a limit of 15 servings which makes it a good option for travel or smaller caloric intake for children.

Due to the complex amino acid spectrum, you could buy more packs to ensure you get enough supplies to last for a month.

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Sunwarrior – Classic Protein, Raw Wholegrain Brown Rice, Vanilla

The Sunwarrior Classic Protein uses raw wholegrain rice which is easier to digest than whey. It is also complex enough to offer a longer digestion which feeds the muscle for a number of hours.

The powder comes with a complete amino acids profile which makes it a good alternative for people looking to maximize muscle recovery without being slowed-down by the digestive process.

The protein source comes from non-genetically modified organisms and is vegan-friendly and also gluten free. This means the product can work for people with various allergies or simply for people looking for an alternative to the classic milk or beef protein powders.

A serving size of 21 grams comes with only 80 calories which may work for people looking to lose body fat. It may also work for people looking to build muscle if mixed in various smoothies. There are 15 grams of proteins with each serving which is comparable to other similar products.

As other rice powders, the product also comes with a lower level of sodium and carbohydrates but a higher level of iron and calcium.

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Raw Warrior Brown Rice Protein Powder, Raw Power

If you`re looking for a bulk product which can deliver a good base for muscle recovery, Raw Warrior Brown Rice Protein Powder can be a good choice. It is made from sprouted rice which is non-GMO.

One of the best options for a raw powder is the ability to mix it with different foods. You can add the protein powder to your oats in the morning or to your favorite healthy sweets to get the 22 grams of protein with each serving.

The raw powder is easy to mix although it is known for its powdery texture. Many users have reported that the taste is manageable, especially compared to other rice protein powders. You can add the powder to smoothies with your favorite fruits to get the most vitamins, minerals and antioxidants after each training session.

With no preservatives, colors, flavors or synthetic ingredients, the protein powder is one of the best raw options for muscle recovery and development and can be safe for long-term use.

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NAKED RICE – Organic Brown Rice Protein Powder – Vegan Protein Powder

NAKED RICE`s Organic Brown Rice Protein Powder is a solid alternative for a pure product. The protein powder comes with only one ingredient which is made from the sprouted brown rice. It is a top choice for the best brown rice protein powder.

Made from organic rice it is one of the best products in terms of proper, healthy, nutrition for muscle recovery and development. There are no added preservatives, colors or sweeteners in the product which will be greatly appreciated by users taking ingredients` impact into consideration.

Servings are also catered towards seriously athletic users. Each serving comes with 25 grams of protein which adds to the 5 grams of BCAA. There are 120 calories with each serving. Most of these calories represent the protein itself, but there are nearly 5 grams of carbohydrates with each serving.

The product will work well for people who worry on the heavy-metal content as the manufacturer has the powder tested by third party companies. As a premium product, it will work for athletes or people who exercise multiple times per week and need a safe protein powder which can deliver the nutrients the muscles need to recover before the next workout.

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VegLife Rice Protein Pure Powder, Unflavored

VegLife Rice Protein Pure Powder is a safer alternative to protein powders as it comes with no extra added flavoring. The pure powder is perfect in a combination with other nutritious foods.

You can add it to smoothies with your favorite fruits and soy or almond milk. It can thus be a slow-digesting nutrition source which allows the muscles to recover. It can also work similarly to a casein protein if used with certain juices and can feed the muscles over-night.

The texture of the protein doesn`t recommend it to be mixed with whey or soy protein. So if you are trying to make a protein blend you might be served better with other options on the market. But if you need a products which can be used with major allergies where whey protein isn`t an option, you will benefit the most from a product which doesn`t make you feel heavy and it is easier on the stomach and the digestive system.

A serving VegLife Rice Protein Pure Powder comes with 25 grams of protein which places the product among the highest in the category.

There are some other available flavor options but the unflavored product is the safest to a pure, natural, experience.

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Nutribiotic Organic Rice Protein, Plain

Nutribiotic Organic Rice Protein is made with the patented enzymatic process. This ensures the nutrition is better and using organically-selected brown rice means you will get a solid alternative to whey protein powders.

The tub comes with 90 servings of 15 grams each. From this, you get 12 grams of protein which represents 24% of the total daily need, based on a 2.000 calories diet. As with rice protein powder, you can expect sodium and carbohydrates, especially fibers in smaller quantities. The powder is rich in iron and phosphorus. You can reach up to 20% of your recommended iron intake with just two servings of protein powder.

The plain proteins will largely impact the quality of the amino acids in your body. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and having a cleaner source will also positively impact your daily nutrition, especially if you work out multiple times per week. The cleaner source of protein which is manufactured with low-impact technology may also be considered by people with allergies. As a testament to this, the protein powder doesn`t come with any pesticides or herbicides.

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Jarrow Formulas Brown Rice Protein Concentrate, Vanilla Flavor

Jarrow Formulas Brown Rice Protein Concentrate with vanilla flavor is a good hypoallergenic alternative product. It is made from organic brown rice which undergoes a special milling technique which allows the manufacturing process to not significantly impact the nutritional value of the protein.

People with gastrointestinal sensitivity have the hardest time finding the right product which is not milk or soy based. An interesting fact is that most of the amino acids in the powder score more than 100% in the quality department which makes the product a healthy and easily digestible protein source.

The high score in the amino acids is coupled with an excellent ingredients list. The protein powder doesn`t use any sugar or artificial flavors and is sourced from non-genetically modified organisms. The product can mix easily with water or your preferred milk but can also be added to smoothies and is a good option as a quick meal or meal replacement.

With a serving size of 17 grams you get 11 grams of protein but also a higher amount of iron and calcium. It has also been regarded by some users as the best tasting rice protein powder.

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How to buy the best rice protein powder

Not all rice protein powders are the same. The quality and source of the rice itself can be different, according to the supply of a certain manufacturer. The manufacturing process is also quite important and it can make the difference when it comes to choosing between a good product and an excellent product.

Since you might be switching from whey protein and need something with a higher absorption rate, you might want to consider informing yourself on the manufacturing process of several brands before choosing the best option for you. So what do you need to look for when choosing the best rice protein powder?

  • Amino acids profile
  • Heavy metals in composition
  • Protein percentage
  • Price for long-term use

The amino acids profile (BCAA)

As far as essential nutrients go, amino acids play a crucial role in muscle development. There are essential amino acids and free amino acids. Essential amino acids can be found in the human body or in various foods. These 9 essential amino acids are: Histidine, Isoleucine, Leucine, Lysine, Methionine, Phenylalanine, Threonine, Tryptophan and Valine.

Then there are 7 conditionally essential amino acids which the body can process and they include: Arginine, Cysteine, Glutamine, Glycine, Proline, Serine and Tyrosine.

And the non-essential amino acids which the body can form from other types of amino acids are:  Alanine, Asparagine, Aspartic acid, Glutamic acid and Selenocysteine. To recognize these groups of amino acids you need to know that branched-chained amino acids or BCAA are essential amino acids which stimulate protein absorption in the muscles.

So why are amino acids important? And why in a protein powder supplement? To respond to these questions we need to go back to the reason we take supplements in the first place. A protein powder can only supplement a well-balanced diet.

If you decide you need to take extra proteins you need to make sure they are not only healthier than the regular foods you might get on the go, but even complex enough to sustain the activities throughout the day, especially if you exercise. This is why you need a high quality and complex protein supplement to really build on a solid food plan.

Heavy metals in composition

There are many metals in the composition of plants. These metals occur naturally and are usually in lower levels and safe for consumption. However, not all rice types are the same, as the figures can vary from rice type to the place of origin. Jasmine rice has been regarded as one of the best sources of quality protein for the best powders.

Protein percentage

Protein concentration is what makes the difference in terms of quality. Most rice protein servings are up to 20 grams but they can be even larger. From the total number of grams, there is a specific protein concentration which can make the powder more refined.

The final percentage of protein can also be influenced by the manufacturing process and if you want to stay away from gaining unwanted weight you need make sure you check the carbohydrates percentage along-side with the protein percentage in a single serving.

Carbohydrates which come with most rice protein powders can be represented by fibers, which, in the end, may not be detrimental to your overall health and may even improve digestion.

Price for long-term use

One of the most important factors which will influence the quality and quantity of the protein powder you can use is the price. A lower price will mean you can buy more protein but it will also lead to a lower quality choice of products. A higher price can be associated with better quality. This means you may pay more for the best protein powder. You may even try to find the right balance between price and quality, which is the route most users tend to take.

However, the price limit should not be set without a solid base. If you are an athlete you may need higher quantities of protein powder which will put extra pressure on your monthly budget. If you are not an athlete or even want to give your kids the supplement, you want to ensure you get the best and safest protein powder which can increase the positive effect of the use.

It`s also worth noting you can calculate the price per serving which will work in situations where you can compare the product against similar protein powders and are unsure on which to choose. Because the packing size can vary, it can be thus beneficial to calculate the price for each serving.

The price can also be a good indicator on the quality of the product, especially on the manufacturing process which can be expensive, especially with lower heat technologies which preserve more nutrients in the powder.

There are also other variables to consider, such as the manufacturing process. Some manufacturers have their own patented processes for separating the carbohydrates from the proteins. Others use similar techniques.

In the end, the best choice is the product which preserves the most nutrients and can deliver the best quality of protein. The NAKED RICE – Organic Brown Rice Protein Powder is a top choice for an athlete or a person exercising multiple times per week.

Since you may not need to supplement with protein it would be advisable to consult a nutritionist or a doctor in case your child needs it. If you`re planning to switch to a vegan diet and need a replacement for your whey protein it would also be advisable to get your meals in place before using a rice protein powder to see the full benefits of the product without confusing the results with those from your meals.