Best Smith Machines for a Home Gym in 2020

Smith machines can be of real use while trying to gain or lose muscle mass. Traditionally, Smith machines have been used in commercial gyms but you can also get one for your home.

So why would you need the best Smith machine? First of all, the versatility of a Smith machine can help you improve your body`s fitness level by working muscle groups like legs, chest or shoulders. Some fitness enthusiasts also feel that using a fixed barbell like a Smith machine helps them increase focus on the movements of an exercise.

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There are many machines to choose from. As with all fitness equipment, the best approach is to find a model which suits your needs. You also need to take into consideration that a Smith machine, together with the plates, requires considerable space in your home. Ideally, you want to have a dedicated fitness room, or at least enough space to fit such a large machine.

If you have a busy lifestyle and don`t have enough time to get a gym membership, using a home Smith machine might be a good option for keeping in shape. Here is a list of the best options you can choose from:

PowerLine PSM144X

Body-Solid Powerline machine PSM144X Smith | fitnessdigital

Smith machines come in all shapes and sizes. The PowerLine PSM144X is a simple machine which is enough to get you started on your exercises. Its simple design recommends it for a combination of free-weights and the typical safety of a Smith machine exercises.

Although the frame of the machine is small, it is actually made from durable materials. The manufacturer used 12-gauge steel for the pillars of the machine which supports the Super-Glide system.

This system ensures you`ll get a smooth and pleasant experience while using the machine. As with most machines, you can choose different lockout positions.

There are 14 positions to choose from which bring you a level of versatility which is so beneficial in these types of machines.

The adjustable positions allow you to train specific exercises. They can also work for your own height as the starting point for most exercises will be altered for people of different heights.

The durability of the machine is very good. The main bar comes with a 1” diameter which is inspired from Olympic-style training. The finishing of the frame is also scratch resistant which will ensure you get the most of your routine without having to worry on the look of the machine too much.

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Deltech Fitness Linear Bearing deltech Fitness Linear Bearing Smith máquina con 245 Olímpico  Lb. Peso Set: Sports & Outdoors

Deltech Fitness Linear Bearing Smith machine comes with a simple design which can also hold your weight plates. In many situations when users build a home gym they might forget how important it is to keep your weights organized and off the floor.

This can help you prevent accidents and it can also improve the timing of your workouts as you know exactly where to look for a specific weight without losing any time.

The construction of the machine is solid. The manufacturer used solid steel to keep the frame durable even with higher weights. The Olympic bar can handle weights of up to 700lb which is more than enough for most users. Usually, higher weights are used with squats but you need to make sure you include progression with the exercises, even with the increased safety of a Smith machine.

With the rear support hold plates, the machine can be a good option for users looking for simple equipment which can bring the added benefit of safety.

You also have the ability to lock the bar in different positions. The machine is thus recommended for people who look for a model which is simple, easy to use and can store weight plates.

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Inspire Fitness Ft2 Functional Trainer and Smith Station Máquina de entrenamiento funcional de Inspire Fitness,  FT2: Sports & Outdoors

If you look for a complex training machine the Inspire Fitness Ft2 Functional Trainer and Smith Station provides increased versatility for many home workouts. There are two options you can choose from. You can have the full-option pack or choose the machine without the bench.

The performance of the machine is largely influenced by the bearings system which makes the movements smoother and more enjoyable. A good Smith machine needs to have a smooth experience when moving the barbell as a top priority.

The machine also comes with two weight stacks which will allow you to perform other types of exercises for muscle groups like shoulders, chest, biceps or triceps and even legs.

The weight stacks go up to 150lbs and use a magnetic pin which makes them easy to use to improve your overall resistance training experience.

The machine also comes well accessorized and will allow you to perform other exercises also. With the included pull-up bar you can train your back and your biceps. You also get a rope with will help you with pulling and pushing movements and which can also be used for abdominals training.

Watch this video to see what kind of exercises you can do with this Smith machine!

The machine also offers an Olympic bar for free-weights workout. The barbell can be used either in a standing position or from the workout bench, which also comes with good adjustability. You can use the workout bench to get the most out of your chest, shoulders, abdominal and legs exercises.

The machine comes with even more versatility with the included dip bars which make it a complete option for people looking to recreate a gym environment in their own homes.

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BodyCraft Jones Machine Club With 7 Foot Power Bar

Bodycraft Jones máquina Club con 7 ft Power Bar: Deportes y aire  libre

BodyCraft Jones Machine Club with 7 Foot Power Bar comes as a complete solution for free weight training. It also has the Smith machine functionality which makes it a good option for home use where you have limited equipment options.

The main attraction point of the machine is its 3D capability. It comes to provide exercise options which use vertical movements but it can also be adjusted to side movements. This makes it one of the best machines in terms of adjustability and the ability to recreate natural moving patterns with some exercises.

Made from 10-gauge steel, the frame is solid enough to hold up to 1.000lbs, as the best Smith machines can.

This puts the machine in a small group of heavy-duty equipment which can be experienced even by the most advanced users. The gliding system is also very well constructed. It uses industrial bearings to make the transition as smooth as possible.

The durability is good as the machine comes with an Olympic barbell. The machine is one of the top choices for anyone looking to seriously improve fitness levels at home.

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Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage with Linear Bearings

The Best Home Gym Smith Machine | Marcy MD-9010G

As a complete workout station, Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage with Linear Bearings is one of the most popular choices on the market. It comes with complete full body functionality which means you`ll be able to train all major muscle groups in the comfort of your own home.

The multi-purpose frame serves as a Smith machine which is then combined with other adjustments and exercise options to get you a complete workout. For the back muscles, you get the low-pulley system which means you`ll be able to train the muscles with adjusted weights.

Chest muscles can be trained with the built-in fly machine, but also on the Smith machine using the adjustable workout bench. Triceps muscles can be trained with the resistance cables while the biceps can be trained on the bench. The workout bench can also help you perform legs exercises and some abdominal exercises.

Weight plate storage is also included in the machine. This makes it one of the complete products on the market in terms of usability.

The varied options mean you`ll be able to train with different exercises each workout which will add variety and help you stay on track with your fitness journey.

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Body Solid Pro Club Line Counterbalanced Smith Machine Body Solid gs348q Series 7 Linear Bearing Smith con 7-degree  Reverse Pitch Design anad 6 Plato de peso olímpico Almacenamiento: Sports &  Outdoors

And finally, the last name on the Smith machines review list is the Body Solid Pro Club Line Counterbalanced Smith Machine. It is one of the simplest, yet robust alternatives for people looking to train at home

But coming with a simple design doesn`t necessarily mean the machine will be successful. However, Body Solid has managed to provide a smooth experience which will make using a Smith machine a comfortable experience, without any bumpy movements.

Made from 11-gauge steel, the machine is durable enough to last for years. As a testament to this, the machine can handle weights of up to 1.000 pounds which mean it will be a good tool for a number of users at home. The whole family can use the machine, especially given the adjustable lock-in points.

The Olympic barbell also recommends the machine as a resistant alternative for people looking to use it a few times per week. As full body equipment is also well designed. It comes with a modern design which will fit any environment.

The design also allows you to store your weight plates and get them away from corners, to keep everything organized. The Smith machine would be best used by people who want to increase strength, gain muscle or tone their bodies.

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How to buy a Smith machine

A Smith machine might be large, but the problems when looking for one should be small. As long as you know what to look for you will be on your track to quickly find the best option for your home. Here is a list of the top tips to follow when choosing the best Smith machines:

Durability is essential

Too many of us might get carried away with the looks of a Smith machine. But it the end, your body has to look good and not the gym equipment. This being said, some people might prefer a nice design if they want to build an appealing gym room at home. But most of us should focus on the durability of the machine.

You want to ensure the bearings are durable. This is why many manufacturers include industrial bearings for the best performance and maximum durability with home Smith machines.

You also need a steel frame which can hold all the weights. If you want to organize the weight plates you will need to find a machine which can hold them and keep them away from the floor.[/thrive_custom_box


We have seen different models which come with adjustability and some models which offer the basic, vertical movement pattern. In the end the vertical movement is all that you need from a Smith machine and it is not worth paying extra for lateral adjustability. 

But if you can afford it and if you are serious about improving your body, you would benefit from switching training angles from time to time.

If your preferred Smith machine comes with added features which allow you to work other muscle groups as well, make sure you get the most adjustability for the extras also. Since you will not buy too many products for your home gym, you need to ensure you`ll get the most of what you have. This can only be done with good adjustability.

Focus on the exercises

Since it might seem overwhelming to navigate all the features of these machines, you need to focus on what exercises you need and what is the best option to perform them.

If you won`t be training your biceps on a Smith machine, there is no point in looking for ropes, cables or other biceps accessories. You need to be strategic about what you actually want to achieve.

Watch the video below to find out, why Smith machine is so great and how it can help you when exercising!

Focusing on the exercises also means you will have less time to maintain the equipment. Since you train at home and want to save time, make sure you get the best Smith machine which allows you to perform your workout without too much headaches. Some self-oiling options are available; make sure you check them out before you purchase your product.

Weights are crucial

XMark Premium Quality Rubber Coated Tri-grip Olympic Plate Weights 135 lb.  Set: Sports & Outdoors

XMark Premium Weight Plates

Some machines don`t come with included weights. This doesn`t mean there are not to be ten into consideration. Although you may need to purchase the weight plates separately, this doesn`t mean the final price has to be bigger than the one of a fully-loaded machine.

The weight plates should be among the top priorities when you look for a Smith machine. Since you will be using them at home you need a variety of weights in case other family members want to use the machine as well. You also want to ensure the weights you use allow you to increase performance in time since this is a way to ensure you are actually making a progress with your fitness efforts.

The space debate

Pro Clubline Counter-Balanced Smith Machine (SCB1000) | Body-Solid® Fitness  OFFICIAL SITE UK DISTRIBUTOR

Some people might not consider a Smith machine due to its size and space requirements. This is a problem for some homes, but when you think of how many machines it actually replaces, the equipment tends to be worth it.

Most of the designs require decent vertical space and don`t have a huge foot-print, especially if you have the weight plates storage with the machine.

If you decide to get a gliding Smith machine you might need more space as the frame requires some space for movement. Complete workout stations also require more space as they usually come with weight-stacks. You also need enough space to perform the exercises. This is why complete stations are not to be stored in corners as they come with handles which require lateral movement.

Final verdict

The Smith machine is one of the most versatile methods to improve fitness levels at home. The different designs available on the market range from a simple barbell on bearings to complete workout stations which allow you to also train other muscles groups.

The best Smith machine is the one which helps you achieve your fitness target. This being said, there are some machines which are a worthy investment and can motivate you to perform your workouts every time.

The Inspire Fitness Ft2 Functional Trainer and Smith Station is the complete machine you can purchase. It is very well equipped with a robust design.

Inspire Fitness FT2 Functional Trainer/estación de Smith:  Deportes y Aire Libre

Inspire Fitness Ft2 Smith Station

The Smith machine works on a cable resistance system which is different from most machines but it also provides constant tension on the muscles which can increase body toning.

With a pull-up bar and different other options for isolation movements, it is one of the best machines for home use. It can actually replace other equipment and recreate a gym environment in your own home.