Dumbbell Workout Routines: Our favorite in 2020

Dumbbell Workout Routines – 5 Great Programs You Need To Know About in 2019!

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There are dozens of dumbbell workout routines out there, each promising to give you the greatest results—some promise to tone, others to bulk you up, and others to increase your stamina and endurance.  Since there are plenty of good workouts out there, the one that’s right for you depends on precisely what your goals are, what equipment you have access to, and what sort of time commitments you’re willing able to make.

What’s covered.

Here are five great dumbbell workout programs for you to consider, their basic stats and information, and what’s required to do them.  That way, you can pick the workout program that best fits your specific needs.


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P90X stands for “Power 90 Extreme”, and, as the name implies, it’s supposed to take 90 days to transform your body.  It’s based around the idea of “muscle confusion”—the concept that, by hitting muscles at various angles and techniques, your muscles won’t adapt to a specific exercise and “plateau”, providing you with consistent and unchecked muscle growth.

P90X is a cross-training program, mixing resistance training with cardio and yoga, as well as a nutritional and dietary supplement plan for overall fitness. For six days a week, at roughly an hour a day, you perform strength training, cardio, yoga, plyometrics, and stretching.

Standard equipment includes a set of dumbbells—either a set of hex weights or an adjustable dumbbell will do—and a chin-up bar that will fit in your doorway.

Other optional pieces of equipment include yoga blocks, a yoga mat, and push-up handles, but they aren’t necessary to complete the exercises.  It’s ideal for someone looking to increase their functional mass with a well-rounded program; it’s really more of a lifestyle change than anything else.

The results are really impressive. Check out this transformation, from Josh at rippedin3months.com.

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You can buy this program on Amazon.com here!

Dumbbell-Only Full Body Home Workout Program by Jefit

JEFIT Pro - Workout & Fitness v5.0910 APK ~ AndroidPeruIf you’re looking for something a little less intense than P90X, Jefit’s dumbbell-only workout might be more up your alley. It’s a beginner-oriented general fitness workout that’s designed to be done three days a week, with possible cardio on your rest days.

Unlike P90X, Jefit’s workout solely uses dumbbells and solely focuses on more traditional exercises—curls, lunges and so forth.

The only equipment you need to perform it are a set of dumbbells and a weight lifting bench (optional, but would be useful, as well).

This workout focuses on heavy lifts—three or four sets of each exercise at 10 repetitions per set, to increase muscle mass and gaining while you’re exercising.

While the exercises change each day, you get a full-body workout each time; there isn’t a day where you focus solely on one body part. Each workout should take you between half an hour to an hour, depending on rest time between sets. It’s a great set for someone just getting into working out from home; it’s not as time or lifestyle-dependent as P90X, but provides a complete workout.

You can find this workout here.

Muscle and Fitness’ “The 6 week Home Workout Program”

It’s a bit more intense than the muscle_fitness (@muscle_fitness) | TwitterJefit workout, with the three-day-a-week workout focusing on different body parts on each day. It’s designed to ramp up over the six week period, focusing first on strength and then moving on to hypertrophy—enlarging the actual cells of your muscles to promote growth.

This dumbbell workout routine requiring only dumbbells and bench.

Each day’s exercise is set to last an hour, and it focuses on low reps at high weight to promote muscle growth and strength. This is an intermediate course—if you’ve been using the Jefit or a similar system and are looking for a more intense challenge, Muscle and Fitness’ program might be right for you.

You can find this programme for free in here.

Dumbbell Only Workout by Brently Rousset

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This workout focuses on a more high-rep style, looking for 50 repetitions for each exercise, rather than a fixed number of sets.

You want to pick a weight that you can do 8-10 reps from, and then keep going, resting as needed, until you finish your 50 reps—it’s a different philosophy than the other mentioned routines.

Unlike the other workouts on this list, Rousset’s workout doesn’t have a fixed schedule; while it recommends specific exercises for specific days, it doesn’t have rest days pre-worked into your routine; you’ll likely want to perform it three days per week, but precisely which days are more flexible than with some of the other options.

It offers three different paths—one where you work on your full body each day, one “bro split” version where each day targets a different muscle group and one push-pull-legs hybrid which varies the types of exercises, as opposed to the muscle groups involved.  It’s the most customizable of any of these routines and may be perfect for someone wanting more control over their workout.

Thanks to the guys at Tigerfitness for this workout, which can be found for free on their website.

A Full-Body Dumbbell Blast by Patrick Striet

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Finally, we come to Striet’s full-body blast. This isn’t a full dumbbell workout program, rather, it’s a specific circuit of four exercises that you repeat four times, with varying weights, sets and rest periods depending on your level of experience.

The exercises are, in order a straight-leg deadlift, thrusters, a bent-over row and a squat thrust.

You cycle through the four exercises with fewer reps each time, resting only after each circuit. The exercises are chosen to target large muscle groups, stimulating muscle fibers and helping speed-up fast loss.

The fact that it’s a circuit and not a full exercise routine makes it ideal for someone who can’t go to the gym on one or two days, and are looking for a home routine to supplement their more thorough in-gym exercises.

You can learn more about this workout here.

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