Environmental Impact Of Electric Vehicles | Technology

We know that on one fine day, not very far from today, we will run out of petrol and diesel. And yet we still continue to overuse it. Not only we deplete fossil fuels but also, we ruin the environment and nature because of the pollution. The solution? We can switch to electric vehicles. The environmental impact of electric vehicles is much better compared to other fuel vehicles. But why are we, Indians, not very welcoming to the electric vehicles? Well, the answer to this question is not that simple. Let us see why.

Why are we ignoring E-vehicles?

Electric vehicles are not a new concept for us. We have seen a lot of electric scooters like aether, electric photon and some electric cars from Mahindra motors, Bajaj and Tata motors in the past. Even recently in January 2020, Bajaj launched a new electric scooter, Bajaj Chetak. But we still are not convinced of buying electric vehicles because of many reasons.

  • High Cost: The first thing being the price, although the environmental impact of electric vehicles is a bonus point, price is one of the important reasons why electric scooters are not popular in India.
  • Infrastructure: The next big reason is the infrastructure of e-vehicles. We get tangled in a paradox here. There are fewer charging stations because of fewer customers and there are fewer customers because of fewer charging stations.
  • Less Range: The range of electric vehicles is also very less when compared to petrol and diesel vehicles. A fully charged e-scooter has a range fewer than 100 kilometers and it takes 8 hours to fully recharge the battery for another ride.
  • Less power: Currently, in India, the top speed of electric vehicles is 80km/hr, which makes it a no-go for highway driving.

These reasons not only make it difficult for the Indian population to buy it but also makes electric vehicles unfamiliar to the middle-class Indian communities who constitute the largest part of the Indian population.

why should we switch to E-vehicles?

Moreover, we cannot ignore the benefits of switching to electric vehicles.

  • Environmental impact: The first thing being the environmental impact of electric vehicles- no smoke and less noise.
  • LowRunning cost: Even though e-vehicles are good for the environment, people still roll their eyes over the price tag. But the majority of the people are unaware of the fact that the monthly fuel costs for electric vehicles are less than 10% of what they used to spend for a petrol vehicle per month. For instance, the Bajaj Chetak has priced at INR 1 lakh and gives a mileage 95 km/charge. You could actually recover the cost in 3 to 4 years in terms of saving on petrol and maintenance.
  • Low Maintenance cost: Petrol and diesel engines can require expensive engine maintenance over their lifetimes – electric vehicles don’t. This is because of the hi-tech electric motor engine in your e-vehicle.
  • Performance: As more manufacturers have piled into the market with their own take on the electric vehicle, the performance levels of EVs is expected to improve in the coming years

The central government proposed the plans for shifting the country to electric vehicles in the next 8-10 years and it would be better for the environment if we switch to electric vehicles as soon as possible. Moreover, vehicle manufacturers are slowly increasing the production of electric vehicles and slowing down the production of petrol and diesel vehicles.

So,summing up, do we thank the dinosaurs for giving us petrol and diesel as fossilfuels? No. But do we thank the nature for it? Also, no because we are doing theopposite of thanking by killing the environment with pollution from fossilfuels. So, if you want to see the world change for better, be the changeyourself and switch to electric vehicles!