Ironmaster Weight Bench Review

Ironmaster Weight Bench Review – Great option for freeweight enthusiasts!

Ironmaster Super Adjustable weight-lifting BenchLast year I decided to take the plunge and set up a home gym.  I was sick of spending all my spare time commuting, and I knew that I could reduce my commute if I could work out at home. At first, I tried to be as cheap as possible, so I bought a Bowflex. Check it out on

It worked pretty well, but I started to miss using free weights. Nothing beats the feel of iron in your hands. But, I am so happy with my new Ironmaster bench that I decided to write an Ironmaster super bench review.

No home gym is complete without an adjustable weight bench. From my experience Ironmaster Super Adjustable weight-lifting Bench, is one of the best weight benches. Here’s why:

From all the people that I’ve talked to, that use this bench daily, most of them emphasized its sturdiness and comfortability.(Which is something I noticed as well). Also, it is designed to take chin-up, dip, preacher curl and leg curl/leg extension attachments.

If you don’t have the money or space to buy multiple pieces of equipment, this bench will help fill the gaps in your home training facility.  Add in a dumbbell set and a squat rack, and that’s really all you need for a complete home gym.

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Features: Here’s what we’re dealing with

  • The Ironmaster weight bench can hold up to 1,000 lbs—it’s safe for the biggest guy.
  • Adjustable to 11 different angles—from steep decline to steep incline.
  • Can be turned into a multipurpose station with optional attachments
  • Seat has comfortable, tapered shape
  • Weighs 60 lbs
  • Steel frame

All in all, this is a pretty good bench. Former Mr. Olympia Lee Priest uses it in his home gym.

Who is this for?

This bench is for your home gym enthusiast who has a limited collection and budget.  Yes, this bench is sturdy, but so are pretty much all benches. The attachments make this bench shine.

Technically this could fit inside of a Smith or a power cage,–if you own a commercial gym, but it wouldn’t make sense to use a bench with attachments for that. Gyms have decline benches, leg extensions, chin up bars and dip handles—but a new home gym owner might not yet have space or the budget to purchase all of those machines separately.

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 This bench cuts down on the amount of pieces that your home gym will need. However this is not for someone who wants to do a lot of barbell work—it doesn’t come with stands for a bar.

You do need a decent amount of space to use this because of the extra room that the attachments take up. It would be great in the spare room, garage, or basement. If you have a cramped apartment, then you might need something more minimalist.

This bench is developed to be versatile. If you already have a chin-up/dip station and a variety of equipment, you would be better served by getting a cheap, bare-bones bench.


Well priced for having attachment and different angles. You could pay more, but this will get the job done.

Comes pre-assembled, except for the feet.


The legs are narrow, which makes the bench wobble when the chin/dip station is attached.

Because of the decline feature, the bench is pretty high off the ground.  If you are a short man or a woman, you might not be able to rest your legs on the ground when doing flat bench.  I guess the silver lining here is that I will keep you from cheating with your legs during your chest workout.

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I guess this should be obvious, but I didn’t realize that it didn’t come with the attachments. You will have to spend more money to get the full benefits of this system.

Similar Products soozier seven-position ajustable plegable Peso Banco: Sports &  Outdoors

If you already have a well-equipped gym and you don’t need a bench with frills and attachments, I would recommend buying the Soozier 7 Position Folding Adjustable Weight Bench. It doesn’t have all the extra stuff to support the attachments. It’s also lower to the ground; so shorter lifters won’t have trouble.

Now, if you have a large budget and don’t mind paying double what you would pay for the cheaper bench, the Unified Fitness Group Commercial Multi Adjustable Bench would be a good fit.

This is an extremely heavy-duty bench—the kind that they would have in a gym chain or college athletic training center. This bench will not wobble—ever. It adjusts through steep incline to steep decline, but it doesn’t sit awkwardly high off the ground.

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