Best Ways To Listen to Music While Working Out: Here’s 4

4 Best Ways of Listening to Music While Working Out

It’s not easy to work out with dead-on focus and impeccable motivation on a daily basis. Sometimes you are just not feeling it, but music can make a world of difference in those situations. Also, you can use the beats to count reps while doing pull-ups, or inhales and exhales while running. Today, we are going over the best ways you can incorporate music in your workouts depending on your training type, circumstances and preferences.

Wireless headphones – take your music with you

These beauties come in two types – smaller, in-ear headphones or larger on-ear (or even over-ear) headphones. Honestly, I had both and I found that both have advantages and limitations. Over-ear headphones are much better when it comes to noise canceling, and are often of better quality. They are a terrific asset if you are in the gym, doing your classic bodybuilding splits. You turn them on, and all of a sudden it’s just you and the iron, and it’s game time.

However, if you decide to do a bit of interval training, or anything that involves jumping for that matter (be it jump rope, stepper, or box jumps) you might want to go for behind-the-neck, in-ear headphones, as their larger counterparts tend to slide off, and a lot. They are not that efficient when it comes to shutting out surrounding sounds, but they are usually a lot cheaper.

There is a small caveat here, though. Battery lives are still not all that great with most models, so be sure to recharge them after every two training sessions, at least. Also, you will still need your phone to play the music from (even though there are some larger models with micro SD slots now).

I usually keep mine on the weight-belt stand, as it’s in the center of the gym, and the gym itself is not too big, to begin with, but if your gym is bigger, be sure to move your phone as you are moving from one place to the next.

A trick up your sleeve – clip-ons and armbands

Music provides motivation, and it breaks the monotony of repetitive actions, but it can also set the rhythm for your movements. You can plan whole workouts just by compiling a playlist with faster and slower songs to adjust your movements too. This is particularly the case if long bouts of cardio are your thing, if you are an endurance athlete, or if you just enjoy listening to music while running, cycling or rowing.

In all of these activities, the range of motion is pre-determined and somewhat limited, so there is no real need for wireless headphones that can cost a bit more when clip-on music players will do the trick just the same, and you can buy them for less than 2 dollars.

We can say the same thing for armbands. If you are not looking to spend any extra money, you can utilize the thing that you already have – your phone. With this simple accessory, you can not only enjoy your favorite songs but also track your heart rate to make sure you stay in the fat-burning zone for the entire time of the workout.

Bluetooth speakers – share your music with others

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I have to admit, this one is a bit controversial. I am not saying you should harass your neighborhood with heavy metal singers screaming from your speaker. But, if you find the right time and place, this piece of equipment can make your workouts (especially the group ones) all the more enjoyable.

First time I saw Bluetooth speakers being used this way, I was in Barcelona, in a packed outdoor gym on the beach. The guy who brought it asked if everybody was OK with some hip-hop. We all nodded, and we continued repping out pull-ups, chin-ups, and dips. It was a really nice change, and it brought our workout to a whole different level.

A thing to remember here – we all love different songs, so be sure to find something mainstream if you want to work out outdoors. It goes without saying, this can also be a great way to replace the surround system if you are working out at home, and you are looking for a cheaper option.

Surround systems – an overkill or a sound decision?

If you have a home gym, and you are doing most of your workouts at home, it would be great to invest in the state-of-the-art surround sound system and take your workouts to a new dimension. It’s difficult to describe the surge of motivation you get before the last set of leg finishers (I don’t know how, but it somehow always ends with dumbbell wall sits), and you play the No easy way out from Rocky IV (or I will survive by Gloria Gaynor, I am not judging) as loudly as you can.

On the other side, it does take a substantial amount of money and time you need to part with in order to not only buy and install the system but also to soundproof your gym. Unless you want to get a divorce or a noise complaint at the very least, think this one through and make an informed decision.

My choice

So we came to the very end and now you see that there is a way to accommodate everybody’s needs. But, if I had to make the final call and declare the best way to listen to music while working out it would have to be through wireless headphones, and in-ears, to be precise.

I have to admit, it’s not the perfect solution, but it’s the best option overall in my honest opinion. I made the point that Bluetooth speakers and clip-on music players can be very useful, but just imagine super setting pull-ups and bear crawls with the cord getting in your way, or going jogging with a speaker (the neighborhood douche title awaits).  That’s why I think that the wireless in-ears offer the best bang for your buck. If you want to find out what my choice is, you can do that, but keep in mind that these are only one of many and that you can opt for both cheaper and more expensive options. Experiment a bit, find the best match for your needs and make your workouts even more fun!

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