Need sleep? Lunchtime nap classes are a real thing

Need sleep? Lunchtime nap classes are a real thing

Check out the Sydney studio behind the siestas!

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We all know the feeling. That 2:00 pm feeling. The moment that, in some lovely parts of the world, marks the start of a siesta. It usually hits just after lunch or when you settle into a meeting. A coffee will help, we usually tell ourselves. Sometimes it does, and sometimes we reread the same email 20 times because we’re pretty much sleeping with our eyes open. Yep, we all know we need more sleep. Do we always get it? Not so much.

The Indigo Project, a mindfulness studio based in Sydney’s Surry Hills, is looking to change all of that. Introducing: Lunchtime nap classes. Yep. It’s a thing. Psychologist and studio founder, Mary Hoang, came up with the idea after years of working long hours in retail.

And according to the studio’s website, this extra need for sleep is backed by science. They say:

“Research has shown time and time again that a short sleep break can improve mood, alertness, concentration and overall productivity – so why the heck not? Our nap-time class is perfect for a little mid-work escape and reboot. Chill out in a comfy space, get relaxed with a calming meditation then nap off that stress (or hangover).

There is a fine line to balance when napping: too short and it’s not enough to recharge, too long and you don’t know what day it is when you wake up. Research shows the optimum time for a good quality nap is 20-30 minutes, so we will keep the timing perfect for you so you’re not tight-roping that line. Feel refreshed, alert and doze free. All the great minds utilised napping in their time, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison and Winston Churchill, so join the revolution.”

The classes take place in a pleasantly dim room filled with blankets, pillows and eye masks and start with a 10-minute relaxation meditation to help settle in to snooze in bliss before a gentle wakeup call in 20 minutes time.

Want to take part?

Offering a full spectrum of mindful activities, head over to to learn more and follow them @the_indigo_project on Instagram to check out all the bliss!

Images via The Indigo Project

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