Test-Taking Anxiety: What It Is + How To Fight It

At UCLA, especially with the quarter system, we’re stuck in what seems like an endless storm of midterms and finals. This sometimes gets the best of us by breeding test-taking anxiety. But what exactly does test-taking anxiety entail? This article delves into the hows and whys of test-taking anxiety

The Keto Diet – Total Wellness

What if there was a way you could eat bacon every morning for breakfast and still lose weight? The Keto Diet, or Ketogenic Diet, is essentially a high-fat, low-carb diet that allows you to do just that.

Superfoods For a Super You!

Superfoods are foods that provide health benefits, contribute more than the required nutrients in the human diet, and potentially help certain medical conditions. They may have a higher than average quantity of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that can potentially lower one’s ri

Technically Sleeping 101 — Total Wellness

Have you ever stayed up feeling restless for no particular reason? Or have you ever woken up feeling like you didn’t get any rest? According to the American Sleep Association, nearly 50 to 70 million Americans suffer from chronic sleep disorder. [1] Sleep deprivation can negatively affect not

The Benefits of Walking Daily

One of the most powerful and easy ways to get that daily exercise is by simply walking. This article will address the benefits of walking and ways to spice up your daily exercise routine during quarantine.

Sleep Tight + Shine Bright At School — Total Wellness

There’s one important thing that students lose more and more of as they
proceed to higher levels of education: sleep. As students make the
transition from high school to college, their workload skyrockets. In the
midst of their academic struggles, they often end up sacrificing their
sleep ho

The Power of Positivity — Total Wellness

Inspirational quote of the day: “believe in yourself.” The first step
towards success is optimism and confidence–even when it comes to
optimizing your physical health. In fact, a positive attitude can benefit
your bodily health more than you may think…

Self Care — Total Wellness

Total WellnessDecember 18, 2018Winter, Wellness, Travel, SafetyTotal WellnessDecember 18, 2018Winter, Wellness, Travel, Safety by STEPHANIE LIU Winter break is here and you can’t wait for your trip abroad! You want to make it memorable, but remember that safety is your number one priority. Read on to learn more about ways to stay safe and sane …

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Ready, Guard, and Apply: Basics of Sun Protection

by JAMIE SHIN Many people believe that sun protection is only for the summer. In fact, fewer than 15% of men and 30% of women in the United States apply sunscreen on a daily basis. This, however, may be a reason why 5 million Americans are still treated for skin cancer every year. [1] Skin canc