Philips Smartsleep Deep Sleep Headband | Technology

What if there was a supercharger for your body?You’ll feel rested and energized all day, right? Well, that charger is calledsleep and the fact is that you are not getting good, enough sleep! Whether it’sa late-night work, a sudden party or you were just binge-watching friends,again! We all have a reason to stay up late. Philips, in cooperation with sleepexperts and researches, has come up with a personal sleep gadget called PhilipsSmartSleep deep sleep headband that is said to increase your quality of sleep.

So, without any further delay lets get into PhilipsSmartSleep deep sleep headband review!

Philips SmartSleep deep sleep headband is a wearable headband clinically proven to improve the quality of sleep. It monitors your level of sleep from moment to moment and responds in real-time. It comes with two small sensors that detect when you are in deep sleep. Once you are in the ‘slow-wave sleep’ (the deepest period in your sleep), the band triggers quiet audio tones to boost these slow waves, thus improving the quality of sleep.

The band is to be coupled with a mobile app calledSleepMapper that will track your sleep metrics accurately like what time youfell asleep, woke up, how many times you woke up, how long you had deep sleepand it also shows you how much extra deep sleep time you’ve gained through thisdevice. Interestingly, the SleepMapper tracks these metrics in a sportive wayby giving extra points for the amount of sleep boosts you got and reducing thepoints if you deviate from your sleep routine.

Philips claims that 80% of the users reported thatthey feel less tired during the day after a couple of weeks of using PhilipsSmartSleep deep sleep headband. Philips even claims that a few users alsoexperienced the benefits of the sleep gadget from day one.

Philips SmartSleep deep sleep headband is sure a useful gadget to improve the quality of deep sleep for those individuals whose hectic lifestyle affects their sleep quality. Apart from the fact that Philips SmartSleep deep sleep headband is useful, fun and cool to have, it does come with a hefty price tag of $400 which is nearly INR 28,500. So, while your decision to purchase ultimately depends on your budget and your needs to improve your deep sleep, we would recommend you to give Philips SmartSleep deep sleep headband a try as it is really a human supercharger designed to improve your deep sleep!