Physical exercises for Kid’s Brain Development

Does your child’s day end with dirt on their clothes? Good thing! Your child is playing! Physical exercise has many good effects on the body. When kids engage in any physical activities, running, cycling with friends or basically any physical exercise, not only do they make their bodies fit, they are also making themselves smart. While working out has many benefits for adult brains, physical exercises for kid’s brain development help them to boost their mental health and make them smarter and sharper.

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Whom are we kidding? Kids do not like theconcept of ‘exercise’ and it is difficult to make them follow the exerciseschedule. But they sure do love playing! Little do they know that playing isalso a form and physical exercise.

Here are a few physical exercises for kid’s brain development.

1. Hide and seek.

The good old classic, hide and seek, where one’s the seeker and the others hide is a great game come physical exercise for kid’s brain development to boost their mental health. When a child is playing hide and seek, he has to think of potential places where someone could hide. This improves his spatial awareness and boosts his ability to notice the differences.

2. Tag.

Tag is an excellent game that nurturesphysical skills including movement, balance, co-ordination and smart thinking.All you need is some space where 2 or more taggers chase other players in anattempt to ‘tag’ and mark them out of play while the rest try to ‘free’ them.In an attempt to tag or free a player, kids learn how to strategize, make aplan and think clearly in a critical situation.

3. Balance beam.

The balance beam is a simple physical exercise for kid’s brain development. Take a masking tape or a wooden slab and make a line on the ground and ask your kids to walk to the end of the line. Mix up the fun with making zig-zag lines or asking them to walk backward or heel-to-toe or with eyes closed. This boosts their cognitive functions while challenging their balancing ability.

4. Keep the balloon up!

This is one fun physical activity, your kidswould enjoy doing. Blow up some balloons and ask your kids to keep the balloonsfrom touching the floor. This may seem simple but it can definitely test theirphysical fitness. It improves their concentration power and trains them tofocus on a task. But be aware and secure your lamps and pictures on the wall!

5. Dance. Dance. Dance.

We don’t need any explanation here. Dancing is sure a fun physical exercise that everyone loves. While dancing, you not only move your body and get fit, you also boost your brainpower and function. It also makes the kids happy and allows them to express their emotions while improving the intellectual, motor and emotional abilities of the body. We often fix that physical exercises are only for weight loss and fitness. But physical exercises can stimulate brain growth and boost cognitive performance, especially for kids. So, try out these fun physical exercises for kid’s brain development and make your kid smarter and stronger!