Poor sleep ruins workout – Affects your Everyday Health

Sleep, and exercise are the two main behaviors that contribute to your physical and mental health. But we often miss out to correlate these two factors and how they impact each other. A night of good sleep can provide you with more energy for your workout while a regular exercise routine can benefit your sleep. But, logging in eight hours of sleep daily while maintaining our exercise schedule, work-life and relationship can be difficult to pull off on a regular basis. Poor sleep ruins your workout and can create negative impacts on your life

1. Slower reactiontimes.

Poor sleep can slow you down. Sleepspecialists say that losing more than two hours of sleep on your regular sleepcycle slows down your reaction time by 30%. This may not seem like a big issuebut an athlete’s ability to react fast enables him/her to make fast decisionsthat affect their performance.

2. Poorcoordination.

Sleeping is not just putting youreyes to rest; Sleeping rejuvenates your body and freshens you up for the nextday. But, lack of sleep can make you feel more tired and restless in yourworkout session and this affects your coordination. The journal of sportssciences found that poor sleep resulted in poor coordination which could evencause you to lose a match. Thus, too little rest can make it harder for you tofollow along with an exercise and makes you more prone to errors.

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3. Increased riskof Injuries.

One of the major ways of how poorsleep can ruin your workout is by increasing your risk of injuries.Furthermore, the combination of slower reaction times and poor coordination canmake you more prone to injuries. According to research carried out by theOrthopaedic journal of sports medicine, athletes who followed the eight-hoursleep routine decreased their risk of injuries up to 60%. So, if you get moresleep you less prone to injuries.

4. Slows downrecovery.

Good sleep not only reduces your riskof injuries; If you are injured, you can bounce back much quicker if you’re notsleep-deprived. For your immune system to function properly, you need the rightquantity of high-quality sleep. Failing to fulfill this criterion hampers yourability to heal. Research showed that wounds healed faster for those who gotadequate sleep. Thus, good sleep can help you return to your workout routinesooner.

5. HeightenedFatigue

A study showed that people who loggedin fewer hours of sleep time logged the shortest times in the gym. Hitting yourgym after a poor night’s sleep can make you quit your session sooner thanusual. This is because your body’s ability to deal with the hard parts of aworkout is affected by poor sleep. So, a good sleep not only energizes you butalso improves your performance.

A night of poor sleep ruins your workout in many ways. But it won’t be much of a problem for you if you get good enough sleep and you don’t have to be a perfect sleeper for this. If you feel like you get less than six hours of quality sleep, try to adjust your schedule to add extra hours to your sleep.

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