Powerblock Sport Bench Review – Worth it?

PowerBlock Sport Bench Review- Great Addon for Home Workout!

PowerBlock Sport Bench – Spartan Fitness

If you have been looking for the best weight bench, you might be interested in reading this Powerblock bench review. The PowerBlock Sport bench will come handy for anyone looking for an affordable, comfortable yet effective dumbbell workout tool at home.

A first glance at this bench and you’ll be left wondering why other benches are so bulky. It offers a variety of features not forgetting the durable materials used to construct it that make it stand out from other weight benches.

This article is going to equip you with all information about the PowerBlock Sport bench  (find it on Amazon.com here) and why it offers you a great deal for your money, however, if after reading my review you still find this bench too expensive, you might want to look at weider bench review. It’s a good alternative.



Starting off with the angles, the bench comes with 5 different back rest positions ranging from 0, 30, 45, 60 and 85 degree angles to give you that comfort during your workout. Slipping off your sit while lifting is no, no with the adjustable sit. Perhaps what makes this bench special is the small distance between the backrest and the sit for that extra comfort.

 Curious How much this bench costs?

Check out it’s price on Amazon.com!


Unlike other workout benches, the PowerBlock Sport bench is quite light so it’s easy to move it around. It measures 50’’ by 21’’by 16’’ when in a flat position with a total of 57’’. The bench can comfortably handle any weight that is 550lbs and below which is not bad for such a small bench. Of course the amount of weight you will be carrying also plays a role. Another way this bench offers comfort is its small height measuring 16’’ to help your legs rest firmly on the ground.


Powerblock "Sport" Adjustable Weight Bench | Gtech Fitness

As earlier mentioned, the bench is made using solid materials to provide years of service. A 14-gauge tubing that measures 2’’ by 3’’ has been used, strong enough to handle hours of lifting. For extra comfort during workout, the manufactures used tapered upholstered cushions to pad the back rest.

The cushions are actually made from self-skimmed foam for durability.  It sucks when you need to reach out for something when working out on your bench. Not with the PowerBlock! This new model has wheels on its back and a handle for easy movements.

Extra features

If you would like to add variety to your routine workouts like chest or tricept dips, there is room for dip attachments which you can get at an extra fee. The attachment can carry up to 150lbs. Other attachments include a sport bench chin attachment that has a 250lbs capacity.

In conclusion, the PowerBlock bench is used by many to stay fit. Apart from the already mentioned above, here are more reasons why this is so:

  • The adjustment processes are fast and easy. You don’t have to stop your routine for long to move to another exercise.
  • Its size and weight makes it easy to store. It does not matter the size of your home or how cramped up it is, this bench doesn’t require much storage space and you is also easy to carry around.
  • Speaking of the size, you also don’t have to worry about the space to set it up too.
  • If you already have one of these, you will agree that the bench feels like it has been constructed from a single cast piece of steel. Well, it actually is. That means no removable parts hence no part clangs around loose.
  • The PowerBlock Sport Bench is very easy to assemble which you can’t compare to other benches which can take you an entire day trying to figure out what goes where. Once you attach the bottom support bar, you can fix the rest of the parts even with your eyes closed.

With it, workouts will no longer feel like a chore but more of a pleasure. Travel versions are available for those who feel it might be a little heavy but most are very comfortable traveling with it. It is also a good gift for that friend who spends most of their free time working out.

Most personal trainers that do house calls prefer this bench from other because of its portability feature.

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