Powerblock Dumbbells Review 2020

Powerblock Dumbbells Review

New Deal on POWERBLOCK Elite 90 Adjustable 5 to 90-Pounds per Dumbbell Set

After using the Powerblock Dumbbells in my home instead of going to the gym, there are some positives and negatives about the dumbbells. I’ve had a gym pass for about 10 Years and never really thought about cancelling it, but it became too expensive so I looked into alternate ways to workout such as body weight workouts and my parent’s Bowflex, but I was always missing free weights. Thus, I felt this Powerblock elite dumbbells review might help someone who’s in a smiliar situation now as I was back then.

Price was a big deal in my decision making process and even though these dumbbells are a bit pricey, my gym pass along with my girlfriend’s was upwards and with the complete set including add-ons, it was worth the cost so she could use smaller weight and I could change it to be a more substantial weight.

We decided to purchase Powerblock elite 90 lbs set which has been more helpful with our busy schedule. Space-saving was also a huge concern when purchasing gym equipment and in a small condo, these dumbbells stow away easily and allow you to save space in your home regardless of the size. Since we own a company that manufacture’s clothes in the USA, being USA made is a big thing when we purchase anything.

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I really don’t like having calluses on my hands from lifting weights and the Powerblock dumbbells grip is very adequate to keep your hands from hurting or becoming dry.

A negative aspect of these are that the plates jostle a bit when you are lifting which is kind of scary, but no real problems have occurred while using them so just know they make some noise. If you are used to working out at a gym, you may not accustomed to the square design of these dumbbells either. I personally still like round dumbbells better, but you get used to the square design and it actually helps you focus on your form a lot more.

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Compared to the gym that has individual weights, these take a little more time because you have to change the weight each time you do a different exercise, but you get pretty good at it after a month or two and it feels just like being at a gym.

The biggest negative I had with these Powerblock weights so far was the shipping. The box looked like it had been thrown around and torn up, but when I unpackaged the weights, there weren’t any problems. Furthermore, I wish the weight stand came with the set so I had somewhere to keep the weights other than the floor or a cabinet.

Overall, I would recommend these for anyone trying to step outside of a gym and try something new. Obviously, there are a few problems, but I believe these are a solid alternative to purchasing an entire set of weights which could cost you thousands of dollars depending on what increment you need. If you know what you’re doing with regards to working out, these weights should have you covered.

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  • Adequate Grip
  • Made in the USA (not some China / Taiwan or wherever they make stuff place)
  • Durable
  • Space saver
  • Competitive Price


  • While exercising, plates jostle a bit
  • Odd design
  • Heavy shipping box so be careful

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