Powerblock Sport vs Elite – Which to Choose?

Powerblock Sport vs Elite – A Potato, potahto thing?

Adjustable dumbbells were really a game-changer when they first showed up. They allowed us to exercise at home without hitting plateaus and quite frankly they saved a lot of space and money at the same time. At the same time, they eliminated excuses, as you can now exercise from your home, without any problems.

One of the trailblazers with this technology was a company Powerblock, and today, we put two of their products head to head in order to help you decide which one is the right choice for you. So, hold on to your seat, and get ready for a showdown – Powerblock sport vs elite. You can find the Eite dumbbells on Amazon.com here.

Looks is everything.

Well… Yes and no. There are beyond doubt some differences in this area, but given the fact that tastes vary drastically across the population, I wouldn’t give this one too much credit. Sport series have grey weight plates, as opposed to the black ones of Elite series’ dumbbells. Also, the weight selector pin is a bit rounder with the Sport series, but I don’t think that constitutes a significant difference.

Sport 50 Set – Fitness Warehouse USA

Generally speaking, Sports series have a more elegant look overall, but that can be both a turn-on and a deal-breaker depending on your preferences. Tastes are not to be discussed, and while there are people who like to be elegant even when they are working out, some of us like our workout accessories flashy. If you don’t trust me, enter any gym, and see for yourself.

Comfort and practicality

I am sorry to disappoint, but I am afraid that here it’s more of the same. These two options have some differences, but none that would make either of them a necessarily better option. Sport series dumbells have a more open design, while Elite series dumbbells have padded wrist supports which could potentially make beginners opt for them, while the intermediate and advanced lifters might enjoy the versatility offered by the Sport series, but that doesn’t have to be the case.

Another difference when it comes to practicality is related to the weight-coding. Sport series dumbbells have weights indicated by white numbers on a black band, and the Elite series uses a color-coded system to indicate weight. Again, not a big difference, but it can be of importance for some (e.g. If your eyesight isn’t the best, color-coding can come in quite handy).

The last difference in this area would be the design of the center handle. Sport series offers a contoured center handle, as opposed to the one of Elite series dumbbell’s handle which is straight. In most cases, it doesn’t make any difference, whatsoever, but in some exercises (lateral grip bicep curls for example), a contoured handle can cause pinching. In other situations, contoured handle is preferable because it feels better, so again, to each their own.

Weightsets and prices

Now, we get to the stuff that can really make a difference. The color-coding system and the general appearance are important, but as we all know, none of it maters if the weightset doesn’t fit our needs, and if we can’t afford it. Both series offer various weightsets, so both novice and expert lifters are covered.

There are five different options when it comes to Sport series -24lb weightset, 50lb weightset (5 lb increments), 50lb weightset with 2.5lb increments, 70lb and 90lb weightset.

There are three options if you choose the Elite series – 50lb, 70lb and 90lb weightset.

Generally Elite series are a bit pricier in but even though it may look like a big difference keep in mind that you are going to be purchasing this set only once, and they usually last a lifetime. You can see the current price for Elite’s on Amazon.com here.

Extra features:

What I failed to say so far is that the prices I gave you can be reduced, as Powerblock has a special discount for members. Also, if you have money for a, say, 50lb kit now, but you are not sure if it is going to be enough, don’t sweat it. You can buy expansion kits in the future, and add to the current weight stack. Also, you can get a better deal if you buy a powerblock bench in a bundle, so be sure to explore your options.


As I already said, the adjustable dumbbells were one of the biggest steps in allowing everybody to exercise and eliminating excuses. They take only a square foot of space and make it possible to hit literally every muscle in your body that you might work in a gym. Also, they are a lifesaver for people who move a lot, or don’t have a gym close to their house. Powerblock takes it one step further. With weights that are so easily adjusted, it is now possible to do drop sets, supersets, tri sets and even giant sets with a simple move of a pin.

With the right knowhow, and some imagination, you can devise your own circuit training with equipment that can fit into a corner of a room. And there are so many dumbbell workout programs online nowadays that you don’t even have to bother with making one.

As you can see, it is really a tough call to make with these two products. There are some differences regarding the looks, practicality and price, but none of them is big enough to declare the obvious winner. Whatever set you decide to go for, you are going to end up with a great asset in your home gym, and a fantastic way to keep your workouts fresh, interesting and motivating. I hope you found this review helpful. Stay tuned for more interesting content.

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