Powerline PPR200X Review

Powerline PPR200X power rack Review

PowerLine PPR200X Power Rack review

  Early this year a friend of mine called Kerry, recommended this power rack for me. I was hesitant because one, I didn’t want to ‘over-stuff’ my house, and two I didn’t think it was the perfect tool for me. When I relocated to a one bedroom apartment I started looking for a strong, space-efficient rack that would be friendly to my pocket.

After some research on my own, I decide to take my friend’s advice. After assembling the whole rack on my own, I have been using it for months now, and this is what I have learned about it.


Powerline Power Rack PPR200X | fitnessdigital

When I did an extensive research, it become well known to me that powerline brand is one of the many brands under body-solid. They have been in the market for over 15 years, manufacturing a range of mid-high end strength training equipment. Some of their well notable products include (but not limited to) leg press attachment, squat rack, dumbbell rack, lat machines, leg press extension, verticle leg press, preacher curl pack, glute max etc.

I also found out that powerline products are made in ISO-9000 certified facility and guarantee their customers high quality. Due to the wide range of products under this brand, it’s difficult to categorize the PPR00X power rack as the main product.


The powerline PPR200X power rack is a complete package full features and work out accessories. It’s designed to offer an incredibly spacious walk-in, which allows you the freedom to move side to side. The dimensions of this power rack are 44 inches by 82inches by 46inches. This allows you a lot of space to comfortably move around and do a number of inclines, decline, squats, flat, and military press, shrugs, and calf raise. The power rack has 2 heat-tempered liftoffs and 2 saber-style safety rods. Another great feature of this rack is the chin up bar. This bar is vital as it allows you to do the chin up exercise which is great for your back and forearms. The rack also comes with safety precautions to ensure you enjoy your workouts without risk of injuries.

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Who is it for?

Based on its features this power rack is perfect for any weightlifter or person contemplating to have a power-packed home gym. If you are fed up of having to depend on someone so as to do a work out then this power rack presents the best option.

Since I learned about the powerline PPR200X power rack I have been enjoying working out at home. I usually use my set of free weights and it has been 4 months now and my body is beginning to take shape. I really like the idea of not having to involve someone else or join a gym to have the perfect body.

I would recommend this power rack for people who are very busy and never find time for gym work outs. It’s an easy home gym that will require little space and a few instructions and safety precautions.

Pricing and purchase details

The powerline PPR200X is more expensive than other racks of its class in the market. You can buy this rack from its manufacturer’s online outlet or from amazon. It is difficult to list the price since they keep varying, but you can have a look at the price from amazon or body-solid Europe.

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Here are some of the advantages of using this power rack

  • It is very easy to assemble
  • The rack is safe for solo lifting with 18 positions that allows you to do flat bench press, decline, incline, barbells, squats, military press, rows, and shrugs.
  • The rack looks great and is sturdy enough to inspire the confidence you need to do your exercises safely.
  • It comes with a set of instructions that cover every detail of safety precautions.
  • One of its major advantages is its walk-in design, which is wide enough to allow you to do a number of exercises that call for side-to-side movement. It’s also made with a height that accommodates any user so as to increase its versatility.
  • The racks frame comes with a 10-year warranty, while other parts have a 1-year warranty.


The following are some of the drawbacks to this rack

  • One of the major concern I have about this rack is how easily the paint chips off. If you like doing the barbells be prepared to lose some paint on the frame of your rack.
  • For me, I didn’t find it difficult to find the perfect benching position. But for some of my friends and from the complaints over the net, I have noted that the holes a widely spaced. This might prove a problem to some people when looking for the right benching position.
  • To some extent, I must say that the hooks of this power rack are not well positioned.
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Alternative products

Best Fitness Power Rack BFPR100 | Body-Solid Europe

The powerline PPR200X power rack exceeds the expectation of many. Its feature-rich and this has been the reason as to why there are so many positive reviews online. However, because of its few failings some people might opt to look for options elsewhere.

If you are looking for a rack that will give you hooks that are well placed have a look at the BFPR100 power rack. It blends quality and offers great value too. Another alternative would be buying the Impex Marcy platinum power rack. It’s slightly more expensive than the powerline PPR200X, but offers a host of incredible options.

The verdict

For me, the powerline PPR200X power pack stands top of its echelon. The money I spent in nothing compared to the number of benefits I have derived from this power rack.  Honestly, with a 10-year warranty this racks proves to be a quality product that will be used by a number of your generations.

If you have any plan of buying a power rack give this one a try and you will never regret your move.


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