Side Effects Of Coca Cola | Truth Revealed

Coca-Cola or Coke as called by many people is deceptive marketing at its best. They market it as a drink for every occasion which you can enjoy drinking as a family but a shocking truth is that Coca Cola has side effects and doesn’t belong in the human diet. To be more precise, it’s a slow poison in a pretty red can.

Side effects of coca cola | Qalfit

Billions of people all around the world enjoy Coca-Cola as a part of their diet every day- A soda drink filled with lots and lots of sugar. Sugar is one of the dangerous things that you can put in your body in artificial quantities. To give you a rough idea of why Coca-Cola doesn’t belong in the diet, a medium-sized cup of Coca-Cola which you buy in movie theatres is equivalent to 70 grams of sugar whereas your body only needs a maximum of 25 grams of sugar per day! What the United Nations says is reasonable to take in a week, you just put into your body in the course of watching a single movie. This leads to profound damage to your body. The side effects of Coca Cola include obesity and diabetes. Another adverse side effects of Coca Cola is that it influences your thinking by affecting your memory and performance at work

Side effects of coca cola | Qalfit

So, you’re thinking “I’ll just switch to drinking diet coke or Coke Zero. It doesn’t contain any sugar”. This is where they fool us. Coke and Coke Zero are actually worse for your body than the regular sugar-filled Coca-Cola. When they remove sugar, to maintain the taste, they have to put artificial sweeteners in the drink. So, a quick fact. We have trillions of good bacteria in our gut that regulate our metabolism and emotions and keeps us healthy. Artificial sweeteners destroy these good bacteria- Another reason why Coca-Cola doesn’t belong in the human diet.

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Another important misleading fact is that you canburn these extra Coca-Cola calories by exercising. Now, we’ll give you anotherreason why Coca-Cola doesn’t belong in the human diet. The fact is 80%-90% ofyour body shape is not determined by the exercise but what you put in yourbody. 200 calories of broccoli is not equal to 200 calories of Coco-Cola!

Side effects of coca cola | Qalfit

Even though it’s clear that Coca-Cola doesn’tbelong in the human diet, the reason why people are consuming is because of howthey advertise it. If you notice keenly Coca-Cola advertising is all aboutemotions, friendship and speaking your heart. All this is to suppress yourlogic and knowledge of health so that you consume it regardless of the harmful side-effectsof Coca-Cola.

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