Sleep disturbance? You need quality sleep now more than ever

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With all the hassle and distress that is going on in the world right now, most of you would find yourself suffering from sleep disturbance. You would either be having trouble sleeping or maybe the exact opposite- you may find yourself sleeping more than usual right now. Some of you may even have completely changed your sleep cycle since you’re at home. This is completely normal behaviour under this difficult situation. A Harvard news report ( states that many people around the world are experiencing sleep-related problems owing to the coronavirus crisis. So, don’t worry, you are not alone.

A night of quality sleep plays a vital role in your overall health, but there is more to it in this pandemic situation. Here are a few reasons why you have disturbed sleep and why you need quality sleep now more than ever.

1. You are under a lot of stress

It’s understandable that you might feel a lot of stress and anxiety during this crisis, and sleep-related problems are common in times of stress. Stress will work up your mind at night and makes it difficult for you to fall asleep. But even worse, it can make you fall into a vicious cycle where you can’t sleep because you’re stressed and you’re stressed because it irritates you that you can’t sleep. This is why you need regular sleep now more than ever. So, try to stick to the same sleep time every night. This makes it easy for you to fall asleep and stay asleep.

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2. Sleep boosts immunity

Sleep is directly linked to your immunity. Lack of sleep or sleep disturbance can affect your immune system and makes you more prone to infections. But, a good sleep, on the other hand, has been found to improve your immune cells ( known as T cells. Thus, people who get a healthy sleep of 8 hours are much more likely to resist viral infection- Another reason to not feel bad about sleeping more right now!

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3. Your screen time is off the roof

Like the usual alarming usage levels of smartphones and computers were not enough, now we have more than doubled up our usage time. It’s not completely our fault because we need some kind of human interaction during this isolation period and we depend on electronic devices for it. This is another reason why you need to sleep more now more than ever. All those video calls, Netflix binges, and Zoom meetings are draining your energy and you need more rest after a day with your eyes all day on the screen.

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4. You are living a different life now

It’s no secret that we are confined to our homes with all other members of our family and most of us are working from home under these circumstances. This is a great time to spend time with family for some people, but unfortunately for others in a home with less structure and cramped spaces, working from home with other family members, especially with toddlers can be difficult. This sudden change in routine and adapting to a new lifestyle can lead to frustration and poor sleep. So, try to regularize your schedule for the day so that you don’t have to deal with frustration while you go to bed. This way you can get quality sleep without any disturbance to be energized for facing the next day.

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5. We are experiencing a collective trauma

The coronavirus is still at large and the fact that a vaccine is yet to be found can make us feel helpless on a global level. So, essentially, we are all experiencing some kind of a collective trauma which our body sees as a threat, and when our body sees something as a threat, it uses a considerable amount of energy to react to the threat. All these tires our mind and body. So, if you’re feeling a little low or tired, go ahead and take a good nap to feel better.

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While sleep disturbance is understandable in the current situationSleep has a lot more health benefits than resting your body, and you need quality sleep now more than ever. But the good news is developing a healthy sleep routine is easy and results in long-lasting health benefits. So, whenever you feel the need to sleep, just do it!

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