Sunny Health and Fitness SF-RW5515 Review – Is It Worth It?

Considered to be one of the fastest growing companies in the health and fitness equipment industries.

The sunny health and fitness brand is known for making reliable exercise machines at very affordable prices.

So when thinking about where to get a rowing machine at good value, this brand of machine should be atop the list.

And in this Sunny Health Fitness SF-RW5515 review, I will be discussing how you can get a rowing machine that not only gives you a great workout, but is easy on the wallet.

And in this Sunny Health Fitness SF-RW5515 review, I will be discussing how you can get a rowing machine that not only gives you a great workout, but is easy on the wallet.

And although it may not be as techy as some of the other higher end rowing machines, you are still getting a machine with great features.

Below I will be going over some of those features and how you can use them to help you when it comes to getting in shape. If you’re someone that doesn’t really like going to the gym, having a machine like this can help you still get the workout you desire to stay fit.

Features of the Sunny Health SF-RW5515

Like most people, when deciding to workout on any exercise machine, making sure the machine is both durable and comfortable will be a high priority.

Because the more you enjoy your workouts and feel safe while performing the workouts, the better chance of long term success when it comes to your fitness.

So taking a look at some of the features the sunny health machine has to offer, will give us a better idea as to how it can help you better your health long term.

Some of its features:

  • LCD monitor to help you track your progress as you progress
  • Magnetic tension system
  • Has a tension knob allowing you to add variety to your workout
  • Pedals are large and textured with quality straps for added security
  • Seat is cushioned for added comfort while rowing
  • Non-slip grip handlebars
  • Built-in transportation wheel for easy mobility around the house

Benefits of the Sunny Health SF-RW5515

The decision when buying a rowing machine will come down to a few things like effectiveness of the type of workout, durability to handle the use, and of course value for your money. Buyers of the sunny health row machine will appreciate:

Some obvious benefits include:

  • The magnetic tension system allows you to adjust the resistance to 8 different levels as you progress each time your workout.
  • The Large LCD monitor lets you track stats like calories burned, time, stroke and total count.
  • The fully padded seat and non-slip handlebars allow you to increase the intensity of your workout without fear of getting injured.
  • Large foot pedals with adjustable strap lets you feel comfortable each time you row.
  • Can move the machine around your home if necessary with built-in transportation wheels.
  • Weight limit of 250 lbs for those concerned about how much weight the machine can handle.

Check out the Sunny Health SF-RW5515

When deciding on which exercise machine will be best for your fitness needs, it always helps to have a good comfort level when it comes to the brand.

Which is what makes the sunny health and fitness exercise machine such a great buy. You are getting a machine from a brand that excels in making quality exercise machines.

So if you decide to make this your exercise machine of choice, know that you are getting a quality product.

What Users Like About the Sunny Health SF-RW5515

It’s easy to see all the features a particular product has and be wowed at what it has to offer you in terms of your fitness needs. But what also helps is learning what actual users have to say about a particular product that helps you in your decision making process.

So it helps to take a look on the amazon website and check out what others have to say. And with over 700 reviews, you will get a wide variety of different views of how this product could help you.

Here are some things users of the sunny health was able to appreciate about it:

  • Monitor allows you to track stats that help keep you organized as you progress
  • You can exercise in comfort with its fully padded seats
  • Textured grip and secured foot pedals allow you to exercise safely
  • Tension knob allows you to change the level of resistance
  • Assembly is pretty straight forward
  • Machine is stable and very quiet
  • Very budget friendly

Some of the most cited issues include:

If you look hard enough, then it’s obvious to see that there is a lot to like about this row machine. But there are users out there that have had issues and it’s important to cite some of them.

What users didn’t like about the sunny health row machine are:

  • Some have found the LCD monitor to have some defects upon receiving machine
  • Poorly built which brings up durability concerns
  • Not a lot of difference in resistance levels


If quality and brand power is what you’re looking for when it comes to your row machine, then the sunny health and fitness rower would be a good choice. Not only are you getting a machine made to improve your fitness, but it’s also easy on the wallet.

Although it does have its flaws, the benefits certainly outweigh the negative things that users have found with it. What also helps is that you can get it at a very affordable price.

But if you’re still struggling with making a decision, then I would recommend you take a look at my article on the best home rowing machines in 2018. There you will find a variety of row machines to help make your choice a bit easier.

So if you have any questions, please feel free to share them below. This will help others who are reading making a sound decision when it comes to the right row machine for them.