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Marathon runners in India are aspects of running which have shot to popularity only recently. An even more underrated aspect of Marathons are the runners. However, there are some runners who with their outstanding performance and records have made a mark of their own in the world of running. Here is a list of some celebrated and highly popular Marathon runners in India:

1. Arun Bhardwaj:

While marathons themselves are brandishing occasions that require huge amounts of perseverance, there is something many refer to as the Ultramarathon which takes everything to an unheard of level through and through. Also, Arun Bhardwaj is the primary universally acclaimed ultramarathon sprinter from India. An ultramarathon is an occasion which includes running for a separation more prominent than the customary full marathon 42.195 kms length.

In 2009, Bhardwaj was put on the worldwide running guide when he won the 567 kms George Archer multi day race in South Africa. Later in 2010, the 40 something competitor ran an incredible 186.4 kms in only 24 hours, beating his prior best of 177 kms in a similar era. He has also effectively finished the Badwater Ultramarathon in Death Valley, California in the US, which has been named as the hardest race on the planet by National Geographic.

2. Ashok Nath:

One of the veteran marathon sprinters from India, Ashok Nath as of now has a few Boston marathons added to his kitty. He ran the Lipton Bangalore International Marathon in 2005 and from that point forward, he has gone ahead to win numerous others in Indian urban areas including Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bangalore. Nath was the CEO of a brand administration organization before he exited his lucrative job to become a full-time running guide. Nath is a champion of fitness and marathon running. He states that Indians have a long way to go when it comes to Marathon running.

One of his significant objectives is to contend in the best 5 marathons of the world; Boston, New York, London, Chicago and Berlin of which he has officially finished Boston a few times.

3. Shivnath Singh:

Born in 1946, Shivnath Singh went ahead to become an extraordinary sprinter compared to other long separation sprinters that at any point originated from our nation. Singh’s most prominent accomplishment is the national record in marathon of 2 hours and 12 minutes in 1976 which has not been broken to this date, which makes him one of the best marathon runners in India. He brought pride to India by securing the silver award in both 5000 m and 10,000 m at the 1973 Asian Championships in Manila. In the year 1974, he went ahead to win the gold in the 5000 m occasion at the Asian Games in Tehran; an accomplishment for which he was later given the renowned Arjuna Award.

It was after the silver in 1975 Asian games in Seoul that he shifted to Marathon running.

He passed away on June 6, 2003.

4. Ram Singh Yadav:

After Shivnath Singh, it was Ram Singh Yadav who moved toward becoming he second Indian sprinter the mid-year Beijing Olympics with 2 hours 18 minutes and 39 seconds. Yadav prepared thoroughly for the London 2012 and also ran at the Mumbai marathon.

Yadav originates from a modest foundation, with his father working as product dealer. He was a Hawaldar in the Indian Army. Notwithstanding any weaknesses, he has demonstrated genuine enormous self-discipline to rise as one of the biggest stars of Indian running.

5. Lalita Babar:

Lalita Babar is the current record holder in the 3000 m Steeplechase occasion, in the wake of timing a period of 9.35.37 at the 2014 Asia Games in Incheon, South Korea and breaking Sudha Singh’s record, Lalita Babar is one of the best long-separate female sprinters and one of the best marathon runners in India today.

Babar, who predominantly concentrated on marathons successfully won the Mumbai Marathon in 2014. Her accolades also include a bronze in Incheon, 2014, apart from setting some national records. Babar, who hails from a modest family in Satara, Maharashtra was a ticket collector in the Indian railways. However, once she started, there was no stopping her. She went on to become one of the greatest female runners India has ever seen.

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