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Most of us think that the journey to weight loss starts with minimum foods and maximum exercise. But it is the exact opposite of it. The journey to weight loss starts with simple lifestyle changes to lose weight. This includes eating well. But if you’re struggling with body image or trying to get past a weight-loss plateau, you know how easy it is to steer off from healthy eating habits. You will either stress eat or in the worst-case scenario, you would have even abandoned almost all your ties with food! This is a not-so-healthy territory in terms of eating habits rather you need to stop your unhealthy relationship with food

1. You live for your cheat day.

If you are finding yourself thinking about your cheat day all week, it is time to revamp your relationship with food. Excessive obsession on a cheat day is a sign of an imbalanced and unfulfilling relationship with food. This may cause you to overeat and slows down your progress. So, treat yourself to foods you love even if it’s not a cheat day. This will help you to go on a healthier and progressive path.

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2. You are hungry all the time.

Being hungry all the time is a sign that you’re not consuming enough calories. Dieticians claim that, even if you’re trying to lose weight, men should consume at least 1500 calories per day and women should consume at least 1200 calories per day. So, if your consuming too little or working those calories off at a much more intense phase, you need to up your calorie intake. But, be sure that this is due to low-calorie intake and you’re not constantly hungry due to boredom or habit. Check out 5 super healthy foods to eat every day.

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3. You can’t keep your eyes off other’s plates.

It’s actually a natural habit to check out other’s plates when you’re on a diet plan. It is your brain’s response to see how you’re measuring up. But if this habit goes to an extent that you can’t even keep your eyes on your own plate, you are clearly not having a healthy relationship with your food. Everyone has different needs and eating rhythms, comparing it with yourself will lead to poor diet decisions in the future. So, before you choose a diet plan, make sure that your choice is based on your needs and desires.

4. You eat to relieve stress.

Stress eating is one of the worst snacking mistakes you need to avoid to lose weight. If you are stressed, your body will release high levels of a hormone called cortisol that boosts your appetite for high-fat, high-calorie, and high-sugar foods and when you eat them, you will get a feeling of relief and comfort. This may lead to a vicious cycle of bad eating habits. So, next time you find yourself thinking, “I deserve this” or “It’s been a long day”, try to steer off from processed foods.

5. You think you’re bad because you eat more calories.

If you label yourself ‘good’ or ‘bad’, because of what you eat, you may fall into a pit of guilt eating and stress eating. Foods aren’t basically ‘good’ or ‘bad’, some simply have more calories and more sugar. If you start to measure your value as a person with what you eat, you will tank your self-worth. So, next time, even if you crave for junk food, try healthier options in it and never measure your self-worth with food.

You can check out the list of top 10 foods to burn fat fasterto fuel your weight loss goals. Healthy foods are important for weight loss but it doesn’t mean that you should completely tank junk foods. The trick lies in finding the right balance between them. So, if you find that your eating habit is preventing you from enjoying your day-to-day life, it is time to rethink your unhealthy relationship with food.

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