Weider Weight Bench Review - Yay or Nay?

Weider Weight Bench review – Pro 225

Regardless of whether you are looking to build a custom gym in your own home or to supply equipment for a professional gym in a hotel, club or apartment complex, it is important to take into account which pieces of equipment are the most versatile for different exercise techniques.

This consideration will either make or break the flow of how users can benefit from the gym that you are installing. One piece of equipment that is vital to any gym setup is some form of weight bench. Read this weider bench review to find out more about one of the leading workout benches on the market.

Benefits of Utilizing the Weider Pro 255 weight bench

No doubt, the best thing about this weight bench is its price point. Compared to other similar products it usually costs considerably less. You can check the price here on Amazon.com. 

Weider Pro 255 in your home or office gym, no matter where you choose to use it,  will offer six different adjustment slots that consist of: decline, 3 incline positions, flat, and upright. Which, mostly are the main positions you’ll need to do a complete dumbbell workout. Hence, its a good option if you’re just starting out, you don’t need to pick one of the premium weight benches just yet.

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Potential Downsides of Choosing the Weider bench

If you are looking for an exercise bench that can be hidden under a bed or in a tight space after use, the Weider Pro 255 is not the right choice because it would have to be taken apart after each individual use, which could become quite tiresome.

Another reported downside is that it has been quite wobbly for higher weight brackets. Thus, for those who want a very stable base for bench pressing substantial amounts of weight or doing other heavier dumbbell exercises, should likely choose another, like powerblock bench. Lastly, there have been complaints of the Weider Pro 255 arriving with damaged parts that make the assembly difficult, thus, be sure to make the manufacturer send you some extra parts that meet quality standards and make the assembly possible.

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Here you can see the assembly process.:

How to order Weider bench for home & business?

What is important to note about ordering the Weider Pro 255 bench, is that you have to do so in advance due to the popularity and quality standards that go into the product’s production.

Typically, it doesn’t take too long for Weider Pro 255 bench to arrive( I won’t mention a specific time as it may change). Thus, be sure to design your gym comprehensively in order to ensure that you have found the proper lifting bench for your individual purposes and then order in advance.

By doing this, you will be able to rely on the Weider Pro 255 bench showing up exactly when you need it to add to your gym in your home or business.

Should you Go with it?

All in the all, the Weider Pro 255 is a good investment for the quality to price ratio. Where the majority of complaints have originated is with taller individuals who are seasoned weight trainers that know to expect more from the product to complete their complicated weight exercises.

The most notable complaints about the Weider Pro 255 is that it is wobbly for larger weight brackets and that it has to be taken apart if one wants to store it in a tight space.

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To view the Weider Pro 255 in a more positive light, the product truly is meant for one’s home gym or for an individual who is just getting started with weight training and merely is looking for a method to complete their exercises all in one place. If this is what you are looking for, then the Weider Pro 255 is a great value for your money.

That being said, for experts in weight training who are tall and in higher weight brackets, consider researching alternative benches for your benefit. That being said, the Weider Pro 255 is a wonderful addition to the market that will allow the right consumers to make a spectacular difference in their physique through weight training with an adjustable lifting bench that provides six different adjustment positions to choose from.

SummaryReviewer Paul SheldonReview Date 2016-07-05Reviewed Item Weider Pro 255 Weight BenchAuthor Rating 4

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