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Great Weight Bench Exercise Routines for Upper Body

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A good and muscular upper body is the best fashion statement. However, achieving this certain goal may seem preposterous for many. Finding a great weight bench exercise routine will help to aid you towards your most desired goal.

Although, the results aren’t going to be easy and I’m not going to delude you with some bluffs. In this post, I’m going to talk about the benefits of having a stronger upper body and the best exercises to achieve that goal.

Benefits of having a stronger upper body

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An appealing core and a solid lower body is something to strive for, though, they are only a part of the equation. Having a stronger upper body is imperative to your overall fitness and can also deliver lasting health benefits. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits that it has to offer.

  • Helps to improve your posture.

Strengthening your back is essential to building a great posture. Targeting your back muscles can help prevent you from slouching and that could also improve your confidence. On the other hand, slouching can lead to neck and back pain and can also reduce your flexibility.

  • It can reduce the risk of injury

Research on resistance training show it can lower the risk of musculoskeletal disorders. By following the right upper body strength training routines, you can reduce the severity of such injuries. If you think about it, a masculine upper body can also lower the risk of injury from other human beings. (experts say it’s a way of saying that you don’t want to be pissed) ?

  • It can boost your hearts healthThis image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-10.png

You don’t need to do intense workouts to boost your hearts health. But, a bit of resistance workout is enough to keep your heart healthy. According to American Heart Association, regular strengthening activities can lower the risk of heart diseases. That also includes resistance training and lifting weights.

  • Strength training can protect your bones

Some pundits won’t agree with this claim. I remember them saying that the bones are immutable and weightlifting damages it. Well, at least now, I have the evidence to prove them wrong. According to NATIONAL Institute of Health, weight-bearing exercises can keep your bones healthy. Not only that, it improves muscle strength, coordination, and balance.

  • Upper body training will improve your workouts

Believe it or not, strengthening your upper body will ease other exercises. For example, strong arms and shoulders can help enhance your swimming skills. Upper body exercises will help generate strength to assist other workout routines.

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Okay, let’s not get carried away with these benefits. Here are some exercises that will help you achieve a strong and appealing upper body.

Exercise routines:

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  • Dumbbell bench press

Decline Dumbbell Bench Press. Exercising for bodybuilding Target muscles are marked in red. Initial and final steps. 3D illustration: comprar esta ilustración de stock y explorar ilustraciones similares en Adobe Stock |

It is one of the classics and the most common chest exercise to build a bigger chest. However, the chest muscles aren’t the only thing that powers the dumbbells up on reps. The triceps and shoulders are pretty much involved in this exercise.

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Lie on a flat bench and hold the dumbbells slightly wider than your shoulder width. Now lower the dumbbells to your chest as you keep your abs and glutes tightened. Also, keep your elbows tucked and the back arched. As the dumbbells touch your body, push it up again and repeat.

  • Inclined bench press

Dumbbell bench press while lying on an incline bench. Exercising for bodybuilding. Target muscles are marked in red. Initial and final steps. 3D illustration – Muscle Media Magazine

Adjust the bench to 30 to 45-degree angle and lie on the padding with your back firmly pressing against it. Grab a pair of dumbbells and keep it at shoulder level, while driving your feet into the floor, arch your back and push the dumbbells over your chest. Bring it back to your shoulder level and repeat.

One arm row

  • Hold a dumbbell in one hand and stand in a staggered posture while keeping one knee and hand on a bench and the other foot forward.
  • Bend your hips and knees and make your torso parallel to the floor.
  • Let the dumbbell hang on your shoulder with the arm extended fully.
  • Pull the dumbbell up to the side of your torso by bending the elbow up to 90-degree.
  • Lower the dumbbell to the initial position and repeat.
  • Lying triceps extensionDecline dumbbell triceps extension guide and video | WeightTraining.guide

Grab two dumbbells and hold it over your face while you lie down on a bench. Keeping your arms in that manner and take the weights behind your head by bending your elbow. Now extend the elbow and bring the dumbbells back to its starting position.

  • Incline YTW

Y T W - Exercise How-to - Workout Trainer by Skimble

To do this one, you need a bench with an incline. Sit on the bench while facing the padding and grab a dumbbell on each hand. For the initial position, extend your arms to form a “Y” formation with your thumbs facing upward. Now bring your arms down and form a “T” with your thumbs facing downward.

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For the final position, pull your arms up from the “T” formation while shrugging and squeezing your shoulder blades and form a “W’ shape. Now raise and extend your arms to form “Y” and repeat.

  • Incline Dumbbell curls

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Set up the bench inclined at an angle of 30-45 degree. By pressing the feet on the floor, push your back firmly on the padding. For the initial position, grab a pair of dumbbells and hang the weights down on your sides while your palms facing your body.

Now, by keeping your upper arms stationary, bend your elbows and bring the dumbbells close to your shoulder. Pause for a moment and lower the weights gradually to its initial position. You can repeat the sets with different weights as you desire.

Now that you have learned about these weight bench exercise routines, you need to find the best weight bench for home use. Don’t hesitate to invest in your body, that’s all I can say. Your body is your most priceless possession and investing in it will be the bravest decision you’ve ever made.

As Jim Rohn once said, “Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live”

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