What is the best time to eat fruits & meals for weight loss?

Fitness and weight loss aren’t about just counting your calorie intake and measuring your workout hours today. Even if you’re conscious about your daily meal chart and working hard to reach your weight loss goals, you may hit a weight loss plateau along the way. Furthermore, you may even gain weight instead of losing weight! If you’re going through this phase despite having done everything right then maybe it is time you consider not just what you eat but also when. In this article, we are covering what is the best time to eat fruits and other meals to help with weight loss.

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The relationship between eating time and weight loss:

We all know that the success or failure of weight loss depends on what we put inside our body, but health experts suggest that meal timing also plays a significant role in overall weight loss. You can effectively improve your weight loss and boost your performance if you pay attention to your circadian rhythms.

Circadian rhythms: Our body has a 24-hour internal clock, called the circadian rhythm that governs your bodily rhythms including hormone release, huger signals, cell regeneration, sleep cycle, body temperature, eating pattern and digestion. This rhythm ensures that you function smoothly and efficiently and disrupting this rhythm by changing your sleep cycle, workout cycle and meal cycle can wreak havoc on your health. But if you can stick to a specific meal schedule by charting the perfect meal timing, you can streamline your circadian rhythm to aid your weight loss. This is how circadian rhythm is linked to diet and weight loss. So, more than you actually think of, meal timing matters for weight loss.

What is the perfect meal timing for losing weight?

There is no best time to eat fruits or a meal that works for everyone. Everybody’s chemical composition is different and everyone have their own lifestyle. But, however, there are some researches and studies that give you an outline of your perfect meal timing.

According to research published in the journal Obesity, researchersfound that the timing of your biggest meal of the day has an impact on your weight. People who ate 700 calories at breakfast, 500 calories at lunch and 200 calories at dinner for 3 months lost more weight than people who consumed fewer calories at breakfast and more calories at dinner. Thus, eating a bigger breakfast and a small dinner helps you lose weight faster.

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In another 10-week study by Cambridge University,it was found that people who delayed breakfast for 90 minutes and ate dinner 90 minutes earlier lost weight much faster than those who ate normally. So, based on these facts, here are a couple of suggestions that will help you lose weight:

1. Have a balanced breakfast

Make sure that you have a sufficient and balanced breakfast that provides you proteins and carbs you need for the day. Eating more in the morning rather than night makes sure you burn your energy and don’t store it as a fat.

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2. Have a light dinner

Try to limit your dinner and don’t consume more than 300 calories. Eating bulk food at night gets stored as fat in your body.

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Thus, meal timing matters for weight loss and when you eat is equally important as what you eat and by aligning your meals with your natural circadian rhythm, you give yourself a better chance to lose weight.

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