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There are plenty of weight loss apps that are geared towards helping you lose weight. One in particular is Noom. But what is the noom app and how does it help you lose weight?

Believe it or not, the way they go about helping you lose weight is a bit different than other programs. Unlike most weight loss programs where they attack the physical aspect of weight loss, Noom also attacks the mental part as well.

We all know that losing weight requires you to eat healthy and exercise on a regular basis, but sometimes that’s just not enough. Things like stress and lack of motivation are the mental aspects that people deal with that keep them from living a healthier lifestyle.

So in this article, I will go over what makes the Noom Weight Loss Program a bit different from all the others.

Noom, What Makes Them Different Then Other Programs?

It’s crazy to think that an app can help you lose weight. Surprisingly though, many people are finding success with this method. Being able to log your meals and also your exercise is a great way to track your daily habits.

But we all know that there are many apps that can do this. But what makes Noom so Unique is its focus to help attack the things that can’t be logged. Like the emotions you go through on a daily basis that may be causing you develop poor habits.

There are many people that will tell you that they’ve tried the whole daily exercise and healthy eating. But for some reason, they still find themselves not getting any results. Not knowing that their weight troubles can also be mental as well.

Noom’s goal is to help break down those barriers like negative thoughts and emotions, and help you overcome them. And the best part is that it’s all done through your phone. Saving you both time and money.

So let’s go over how the Noom App can help you lose weight.

How The Noom App Helps You Lose Weight

When using the Noom app, you can expect to see many features you would find in many other free apps. But unlike other apps, it’s the coaching and feedback you receive that makes this app worth trying.

Below I plan on going over the most important features that I feel are most useful in helping you lose weight.

Also, keep in mind that some of the features I have listed below are for premium members. But the app is free and will still let you log activities such as meals and exercise.

Logging Activity

Just like any other weight loss app, logging your activity is important. Making sure you record your data will be key when learning your daily habits when it comes to your exercise and diet.

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Using the noom app is like any other app. You can search the foods you like to eat with a simple click of the button. Each food item has the nutritional values listed next to them to help keep you informed.

There’s also a barcode for those that like to scan their foods as they shop. And for those that struggle coming up with things to make, the noom diet provides you with recipes to simplify that process.

As far as your exercise goes, there is a checklist to make sure you are completing tasks. You can also log your weight which will be crucial when it comes to creating your weight loss goals. This will allow you to keep track of your progress as you go through the program.

Check-ins With Your Coach

As a personal trainer, I know how important it is to coach your clients to better habits. Being there for them to offer advice when needed, can be a huge motivator for developing better habits in the future.

The one issue with having a personal trainer is the cost to hire one. But with Noom, you are assigned a coach and have access to multiple coaches. Your coach helps you set goals for the upcoming week, and also goes over the previous week as well.

This is done through a private chat between you and your coach. By simply texting, you can chat with your coach about things that are working well, and things that are not. And when it comes to creating your goals, you work with your coach to help set it.

Also, let’s say you were unable to reach your goal, there is no judgement from your coach on why that was the case. Instead, there is a healthy discussion about what caused you to fall off track, and finding ways to avoid future failures.

This kind of support can make all the difference in your weight loss journey. And knowing that you’re talking to a real person makes the experience all the more enjoyable.

Group Chats

Having access to a coach can be a huge benefit for successful weight loss. But being able to chat with others who are also struggling with the same issues as you can be huge. And the great thing about Noom is they give you access to group chats.

You can chat with other like minded individuals that share the same concerns as you. It can also be a place where you share your success with other members which can provide a huge boost for those lacking motivation.

Here you can discuss what is working and what isn’t. You can then come up with ideas on how to handle these issues. Even if you just want to read and not participate in the conversation, that is also ok.

Just knowing you have a place to go where you can find others that are just like you can be very beneficial.

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Food Database

Noom’s food database makes finding food items that much easier. Being able to find all the necessary foods you like to eat is key to making sure you track your habits properly. And with 3.7 million food items available, you should have very little issue logging your meals.

What also makes their database highly effective is the fact that all the nutritional details are listed alongside each item. Making it easy for you to identify which foods are good for you or not.

But if that’s not enough to help you manage your eating habits, Noom has a food color list that makes choosing healthy items that much simpler.

Noom Food Color List

One of the most asked about questions is what kind of foods should you eat in order to lose weight. Being a personal trainer, I would get this question all the time. Well with noom’s food system, you know exactly which foods are good for your weight loss efforts.

To help you better understand how the system works, noom uses 3 different colors. Green, yellow, and red. Each item isn’t given their color based on just calories alone, but on the food items calorie density.

For those that aren’t familiar with the term, calorie density are calories in a given weight of food. So based on your calorie budget you assign yourself when starting the program, selecting food items in the green will help you manage your budget better.

The good thing about this system is that no food is off limits. As long as you’re not going over your calorie budget, you can enjoy many of the foods you like. Even if you somehow go over your budget, it’s ok. It’s part of the whole process of developing better habits.

Noom Recipes

If you’re goal is to lose weight, then making home cooked meals is a crucial part of that process. Not saying that you can’t go out to eat from time to time, but cooking meals yourself ensures you have total control of what’s going into your food.

The difficult part however is coming up with what to make each day. Lucky for you, noom provides you with delicious recipes for you to use. It’s easy to search, and the instructions on how to prepare each meal is simple to understand.

Personalized Feedback

If you expect to grow and develop in any aspect of your life, getting feedback is important. The cool thing about Noom is that you get this feedback in a way that helps educate you on your daily habits.

If you somehow consume food items that don’t necessarily fit your dietary budget, noom will make suggestions to make sure you stay on track. Almost as if you had a personal trainer or nutritionist there to make sure you’re held accountable

Articles On Behavior

Another cool thing noom has to offer are these behavior modification articles. They’re a quick read for times when you’re idle and need something to pass the time. Also, educating yourself on weight loss is key, so having these articles is a great way to keep up to date.

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These articles are given to you daily, so any modifications you feel you need to make, these articles can be a great way to learn how to deal with those modifications.

How Easy Is It To Use The Noom App?

You will find that using the noom app is ridiculously simple. Pretty much everything you need will be found in the upper left corner which is the menu.

There you will find access to your group chat, health coach, and tools to set goals and log activities. And chatting with your group is as simple as sending a text to a friend or family member.

What Makes Noom Different Than Other Programs?

If you haven’t noticed it by now after getting this far into the article, what makes noom different from other apps is how they go about helping you lose weight. Focus is not put only on the physical part of losing weight, but also the mental part as well.

Many weight loss tools just have you log things like weight, meals, and exercise. They may even provide you with articles. But being able to chat with other members and also a health coach separates noom from the rest.

If you’re just looking for a free app to track your meals and exercise, there are tons of apps that can do that. But if you’re looking for someone to hold you accountable to your goals, noom can be that accountability partner.

And the best part, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Understanding Weight Loss

Remember, losing weight is mainly about burning more calories than you consume. The most efficient way to accomplish this is by regular exercise and healthy eating.

For those that aren’t fond of the whole exercise part, you can still accomplish your weight loss goals, but there is less margin for error in terms of dieting. You will have to make sure you stay within your calorie budget when using noom.

Even if you’re able to stay within your budget, I would still recommend being active in some way. Whether it be through walks on your lunch break or taking the stairs instead of the elevator, make sure you are burning those calories somehow.

Interested In Trying Noom?

Noom has memberships that start off as low as $32 a month. You get access to all the features I mentioned above and more. They even have a free trial for those that would like to try it before fully committing to it.

While on the trial membership, you get full access to the program. But if for some reason you don’t feel the program will work for you, just let your health coach know before the 14 days are up. They will cancel your membership free of charge.

So if you’re interested in getting started, just fill out the questionnaire, and you’re program will be created for you. You can create your account with your computer, but just make sure to download that app. Since everything you do will be done through your phone.

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