Working out at Home – Get the basic game plan for beginners

Are you missing the good old days where you hit your favourite gym for a power-packed workout? Well, you are not alone. Nothing can jumpstart your day with some energy like a good workout. But, as we all know, our favourite gyms are closed owing to the pandemic situation that’s going on and we can’t even go out for a quick walk outside. Furthermore, we are glued to our smartphones and computers all day with the excuse of working from home. So, goodbye to your weeks of progression at the gym?

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No! You can workout at home. Your gymis closed, you can’t go for a walk outside or maybe you just want to it-whatever your reasons are, working out at home is an excellent alternative totraditional gyms. So, if you are wondering how to get started working at home,these pro tips can help you build your at-home workout habits.

1. Set up a spacefor your workouts.

You don’t need a large and fancy room to exercise. Even a small space you get from moving your coffee table can be enough to put your mat on the ground and stretch your body or if you got a dedicated room, fortunate for you. But the important thing is that you need a specific spot which you designate as a workout spot. This signals your body that it’s time for workout and helps you to focus.

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2. Choose theworkout program that you enjoy.

Since you are working out at home you may be restricted to some weights and a treadmill for your workouts, but the most common obstacle you face while working out at home is the lack of motivation. Because there is no one to hold you accountable like your fellow gym friends or a trainer. So, you need to choose a workout program you know you will enjoy. If you like cardio, stick to a cardio program or if you like HIIT, find a HIIT routine, you would love. The important thing is you need to get up and workout regularly.

3. Acquire somebasic equipment

Although, technically, you don’t need any equipment to workout and keep your body fit, using workout equipment can help you workout efficiently. If you are fortunate enough to acquire some basic equipment like kettlebells or resistance bands, great. But many people aren’t so lucky. So, you can even use household items as equipment like filled bags as kettlebells or milk jugs as weights to set up your home gym.\

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4. Set goals

If you workout solo at home, it iscommon to drift off from your fitness program at times. This is why you need toset goals and push yourself. You need to set achievable goals and mark yourprogress somewhere visible like your monthly calendar.This keeps you accountable and gives you a purpose to workout at home. Forinstance, set a goal to do 10 push-ups on the first day and add 5 more push-upseach day till you reach 50. Thus, will keep you engaged and on track.

5. Find an at-homeworkout partner.

If you got a friend or neighbour or someone in your family who can join your workout at home, it can encourage you to workout daily and also makes the workout sessions fun and interesting. It is not necessary that they have to be with you physically, even being there in a digital capacity like a video call is more than enough. Moreover, having an at-home workout partner can create a healthy and inspiring workout environment that exists outside your gym.

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So, while your couch and Netflix may seem inviting while you are at home, with these pro tips on how to get started working out at home, you can make the most of your at-home workout.