York Barbell Adjustable Fitness Bench Review


York Barbell Adjustable Fitness Bench Review

York is a growing international fitness equipment manufacturer since 2004. This is why a York bench review is a story of a growing company which offers quality products.

The base of this statement can be found with professional athletes who use York benches. They include North American teams like the LA Lakers or the Washington Redskins.

With a history stretching on two continents, York has developed a bench which is strong enough to support heavier users but light enough to be moved around the house or the gym.

Top features of the York barbell bench

The York adjustable fitness bench comes with a solid design made from oversized tubular steel. Materials like steel have been used to increase the lifetime of the frames for many types of fitness machines. When it comes to a weight bench, steel has to be one of the top options.

Not only does it have to support various types of weights in the gym but it has to be stable enough to be used from various angles. When you add mobility in place you begin to understand how important the frame really is. As fitness equipment which gets moved around a lot in any gym, there always is space for small improvements.

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This is why the York bench (view on Amazon.com) comes with extra thick cushioning. This feature also serves two purposes. The first one is obviously the increased comfort. When you have your back pushing against a hard surface you might not be able to fully concentrate on your exercise.

The second purpose of the thick cushioning is the ability to last in time. As many people can use it every day, it needs to be solid enough to resist various weights.

The extra cushioning will also prove to be a fantastic feature for some types of exercises such as the lateral chest extensions. So many of us have stopped doing this great chest exercise because the bench we use is either unstable or doesn`t come with enough cushioning.

The bench also comes with a rack which can store up to three York Fitbells. This might not be such a great feature at first, but anyone who`s ever trained the back part of the shoulder knows how important it is to have all your weights available within arm`s reach.

In terms of weight bench dimensions, you get a height of 22” and a width of 18”. The length of the bench is 45” which is enough for most people, even in a flat position. Sure, the bench could be higher but then that would prevent you from doing some types of exercises like the chest extensions mention above.

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You can also adjust the bench from 90 degrees to flat. This offers great variation for exercises.

You can adjust the bench for the classic shoulder exercises, chest exercises, and even back exercises. Flat benches have also been used for triceps and even exercises for abs. With a 200kg maximum weight capacity, there are endless exercises and routines you can do on a bench.

Who should use the York adjustable bench?

YORK Fitness Bench – Health And Fitness Clinics Ltd

This is one of questions York tried to answer with their recommended biceps, triceps, shoulders and chest exercises. But in fact, you can add various other exercises to your routine using this bench. This makes it a good option both for men and women.

The usual stereotype is that men will use heavier weights and women will use it for lighter exercises. However, the bench can work fine for any kind of exercise as long as the total weight (you + weights) doesn`t go over 200kg.

So if you`re looking to build a bigger chest or bigger shoulders, this bench will offer enough support to make it easier to reach the desired fitness goals. It may also work in a home gym and it can even be used by all family members as the steel construction is solid enough to provide a good and stable surface.

On top of that, the bench can be a good option for people with back problems. If you sit at a desk at your job or if you stand for multiple hours each day, you might experience some lower back issues. The extra thickness of the cushioning means you will have an increased comfort level.

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  • Solid steel design made to last
  • Extra thick cushioning which can prove beneficial for people with lower back problems
  • Adjustable design for various exercises and muscle groups
  • Wheel rollers and handle for easy movement


  • The bench doesn`t fold beyond the horizontal level
  • The front part of the cushioning is fixed

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Some alternative choices

If you don`t feel inspired by the bench you can look for some alternatives. They would include The Suzier Adjustable Bench (check out on Amazon.com) which is more expensive but also offers increased weight capacity.

Another good alternative option is the XMark Adjustable Bench which comes with increased weight capacity but can also be lowered beyond the horizontal position.

Your Choice

The York Barbell Adjustable Fitness Bench is a good option given the price range. If you need the extra cushioning and are looking for a stable bench with no unnecessary features, it may prove to be one of the top choices on the market.

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